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The Eyes Have It

Back at the eye doctor. The doctor informs Sandy that he can't return his eye to the condition it was before the surgery and that he'd like to do the other eye. Sandy shakes his head and says he's not doing it. The doctor places a pair of glasses on Sandy's face and says that it's the only solution. He shakes his head and mutters, "It looks bad." Sandy says he doesn't care anymore and we see him grinning, wearing a pair of glasses with one super-thick lens that magnifies his eye to a huge size. Thusly Sandy learns that vanity is bad. How very biblical.

Marian sits on her sofa and then turns out the light and lies down. She waits, but she doesn't see any of Albert's visions, and she smiles and closes her eyes. Albert lies in bed sleeping heavily with his seeing-eye dog beside him on the floor.

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The Others




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