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The Hospital. Dr. Mark is looking at a patient's paperwork, and all of a sudden he gets an empathy attack. Can I just say, Dr. Mark, that maybe if you have the gift of empathy and suffer each and every time someone within your general area is in pain, a hospital might not be a really great place for you to work. I'm thinking maybe a nice job in a floral shop, or at one of our national parks. Just saying. A pre-adolescent boy is brought into the emergency room; he shot himself playing with a gun he found in his father's closet. The older doctors start looking at the boy's chest. Dr. Mark starts ordering his senior physicians to examine the boy's abdominal area, because the bullet fractured some bones which then damaged his stomach, causing internal bleeding. The doctors are all "whatever" because they don't know that Dr. Mark is an empath and can just see these things. The kid starts doing worse so Dr. Mark does his energy transfer thing and brings the kid back to life and none of the other doctors is any the wiser. Dr. Mark's eyes tear up and he looks drained.

Room with lots and lots of candles. Must be Satori's pad. Dr. Mark enters without knocking and walks over to Satori, who lies sleeping in a room full of pseudo-gothic furniture that I swear is from Cher's now defunct home-furnishings catalog, Sanctuary. Satori doesn't even open her eyes. She calls out, "Mark, is that you?" Mark just stands there. Satori asks what happened because the "light around your heart looks really dark right now." Satori, light never looks "dark." Darkness is the absence of light. There is no such thing as a dark looking light. They have a stupid discussion about their "beliefs," and how Dr. Mark wants to be with Satori but wants them both to reject their gifts. They kiss, and some of her electric appliances explode. They giggle. Oh, did I mention that there are a lot of lit candles in the room? Y'know? Atmosphere?

Marion's new bathroom. Marion is brushing her teeth, but the water from her tap is brown. I guess no major cola company was too thrilled to have product placement in this scene because she brushes her teeth with generic diet coke.

Hallway of Marion's college. Marion walks down the hall with two new friends who haven't dumped her yet. Miles calls after Marion. Marion stops, and Miles does the sly, "Haven't seen you at the study group for a while. Is there anything I could help you with?" The new friends give the Miles the stink-eye. Marion is all, "I've got to get to class." Her friends are all, "Are you taking a mythology and folklore class with him?" Marion says she's dropping the class. Miles overhears and looks crushed.

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