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Back at the hospital. Um, if Satori and Dr. Mark can't touch without something supernatural happening, then why is Dr. Mark explaining to Satori that only Satori can help him forget the supernatural?

Back at Marion's apartment, she tries to look inside the heating duct and screams for some reason. Back at the hospital, Satori asks Dr. Mark to stop trying to ignore the supernatural occurrences that happen between them and start embracing them instead. Meanwhile, Marion is walking around her apartment, and no, we never find out why she screamed, but her window shade opens by itself and she freaks. After another shot of Satori and Dr. Mark about to touch, as Marion picks up the phone, I guess to call 911. The phone flies out of her hands and the room goes dark. Dr. Mark and Satori almost kiss, but a bunch of glassware breaks around them and Dr. Mark calls out "Marion!"

Warrens stands outside of Marion's apartment singing "ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall." A bunch of liquid starts oozing out of the walls of Marion's building. Warren enters Marion's apartment, and Marion hits him in the head with a vase. Warren, I love you, but you might want to knock before you enter someone's apartment. Especially if the occupant just told you not to follow her or stalk her anymore. Realizing it's Warren she's just clocked, Marion picks up the phone to dial 911, and the walls start whispering and making menacing faces at her.

The hospital. Dr. Mark explains to the Others that they're going to have to keep Warren overnight for observation. Crusty old Albert says something crusty about how Warren's used to spending a lot of time in hospitals. Warren asks Dr. Mark if they have the straws that bend. Marion apologizes to Warren for bashing his skull and asks what he was doing there. "I'm not supposed to say," says Warren. Dr. Mark asks Warren again. Warren remains silent. Dr. Mark asks Marion why she was so terrified when Warren entered her apartment. Marion explains that she was terrified because someone was breaking into her apartment. Dr. Mark explains that he felt her fear and that something else was up. Um, Dr. Mark? I think that one's apartment being broken into while you're home alone is a good enough explanation for fear. Satori tells Marion that Dr. Mark felt her fear every intensely, and asks her why. "You're the psychic, why don't you tell me?" asks Marion. Ree-ow! "I didn't ask to violate your emotions," says Dr. Mark. Yeah, Dr. Mark. That's because if you had asked her if you could violate her emotions and she had said yes, then you wouldn't be violating her emotions. Language is tricky like that. Dr. Mark goes on to explain that the Others are always there for Marion. "Even though you're an ungrateful elitist bitch who's too embarrassed to be seen with the only people in this town who can stand your bony ass," says -- oh, actually that was me. Marion leaves. Crusty old Albert points out in a really really crusty way that nothing broke when Mark touched Marion. Satori gets this really bitchy look on her face.

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The Others




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