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Souls On Board
Back in coach, Warren is serenely eating a peanut. That's the best sentence in this whole recap. It has a certain perfection, don't you think? He then gets up and walks down the aisle, instructing people in the proper use of the oxygen masks. A woman asks how he remains so calm, and he replies, "Medication." The woman then screams because she can see the spirit hands gesturing outside the windows. Satori is sitting in a window seat, and at first she recoils in fear, but then she reaches out to place her palm against the glass. Elmer gets out of his seat and yells that everyone on the plane should embrace their fear. The passengers try to sit calmly as the spirit hands wave outside the windows. The plane is coming into to land and the pilots are doing all they can to control it. We see the passenger compartment as the plane bounces along the ground; everybody flings back and forth in their seats. The planes starts to skid off the runway, but the pilots finally get it under control. Marian and Satori look out the window and see the whole crew of Flight 390 standing outside the window. All the ghosts file off, their job done, but Jeanette, the sassy flight attendant Marian saw in the airport, stays and stares up at her for a little longer. She smiles, and Marian begins to sob. All the Others look shaken up but relieved. Karen gets on the PA system and tells the passengers to stay seated until the captain turns off the fasten-seatbelt sign, but of course everybody jumps right up to get their luggage. Elmer smiles at Miles in a forgiving manner. Capt. Boo Radley takes Miles aside and tells him that he's going to have the problem with the plane checked out by the FAA, and shakes Miles's hand.

The Others walk across the tarmac together, quipping about their recent experience. Marian says they owe her a trip to Fort Lauderdale.

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