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Souls On Board
The plane taxis onto the runway and prepares for take-off. In the front of the plane, Battle-Axe is demonstrating the oxygen mask. Warren listens raptly and pantomimes the procedure. Miles shifts uncomfortably in his seat as he realizes that Dr. Mark and Satori are staring at him accusatorily. He quietly explains that Flight 390 crashed into "Anderson Woods" outside the airport (in Detroit, not Phoenix, I assume, since there aren't any woods outside Phoenix) and that Flight 390 and the flight they are on now, Flight 602, are the same flight. Apparently, the airline changed the flight number so people wouldn't be spooked. In the row ahead of Satori and Mark, a young couple overhear Miles's explanation and start to look worried. Albert wonders why they're on the plane, and Miles explains that "strange things have been happening on this plane" since the crash of Flight 390 and that he wanted to investigate them. He defends himself by saying that the tickets were cheap too. Miles is a real schmuck. Elmer grumps that Miles wanted to "satisfy some ghoulish curiosity" and Dr. Mark says Miles should have informed them of his plan. Miles whinily apologizes, but says he didn't want them to have "pre-knowledge" that might affect their psychic powers. Elmer demands to know what has been occurring on the plane, and Crusty Blind Albert grumps, "Apparitions. Sudden gusts of frigid air. Unidentified masses hovering over the wings. Sightings of dead crew members." Hey, and that's the whole rest of the episode, so can I stop here? Oh, you say I can't? Okay, I'll carry on. But it's you that'll be sorry, mark my words.

Warren looks out the window, scared, and Miles says that Albert is correct and wants to know how he knew. Albert snaps that he saw a "lame TV movie about" some plane that crashed over the Everglades. The couple in front of Dr. Mark are looking really freaked out at this point, and rightly so. People who jabber about plane crashes while ON A PLANE are the worst kind of rude. Miles has a theory that "salvaged parts" are responsible for the hauntings of airlines. The airlines reuse parts from crash sites and he believes that this is the reason spooky phenomena are occurring on Flight 602. The eavesdropping young couple close their eyes and look queasy. Miles says he has work orders and other papers that back up his theory. Crusty Blind Albert shows a pinch of common sense and tells Miles to keep it down, but Miles just gets more excited and loud, saying that Marian saw the dead flight attendant, Jeanette. Marian backpedals and says she's not sure what she saw; Elmer tells them all to settle down. Miles just pushes on, though, saying he has yet to tell them the best part, about the black box from Flight 390. The young guy in front of them has had enough at this point, and after complaining to his companion, he rings the bell for the flight attendant. Miles is oblivious and jabbers about a "fantastic noise" on the flight recorder that occurred after the crash, which was described as "voices from the grave." Battle-Axe approaches Young Guy and he sends her to Miles, explaining that he's been talking about the plane crashing. Battle-Axe remembers Miles from their scuffle over his bag, and Miles stands up, saying that he can explain. He starts to introduce himself to the whole freakin' plane (what a chump), but the pilot comes on and says they are preparing for take-off. Wha? I thought they'd been flying this whole time. I mean, they've been in the damn plane for twenty-five minutes now and it hasn't gotten off the ground? Actually, that's quite a good metaphor for this show: claustrophobic, boring and going nowhere . . . very, very slowly.

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