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Souls On Board

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Souls On Board
Battle-Axe tells Miles to sit down and buckle his seat belt. Young Guy whines that she didn't do more to punish Miles. Miles whines that he didn't do anything wrong or endanger anyone. Miles is acting like a really good example of why flight attendants should be allowed to carry stun guns on flights. Pzzbt! And he'd finally shut his big, flapping mouth. The plane begins to power up for take-off, and we see the Others brace themselves as it leaves the ground. Elmer grabs Marian's hand violently, and she's worried, but Dr. Mark explains that Elmer is afraid to fly. Marian tries to reassure Elmer and tells him to take deep breaths, but he corrects her by saying that he's actually sensing a presence on the plane. The food cart comes loose and clatters past them, rolling uphill even though the plane is steeply inclined for take-off. Spooky haunted food cart! This is a perfect set-up for an airplane food joke, but I know only about two of you are reading at this point, and frankly, it's not worth the effort. Battle-Axe runs up and pushes the cart back to the back of the plane. The plane wobbles and Warren continues to stare out the window. When a child behind him asks what he's looking for, he replies, "The hairy gremlin ripping up the wing." As John Lithgow waits for his check, the inside lights of the plane flicker on and off, and Marian sees ghostly white hands grasping at the outside of the windows. She gasps, but no one else has seen the hands. She excuses herself without explaining and goes to one of the bathrooms. Inside, she stares at herself in the mirror.

The small child pops up again behind Warren and tells him the gremlins were in the Twilight Zone movie, and Warren appears reassured and closes his window shade. He puts on the plane earphones instead. Miles is poring over his airliner information, and Dr. Mark leafs through the photos of the dead crew. As he looks at the picture labeled "Flight Captian [sic] Steve Garcia" he hears a rushing noise. But he doesn't suffer any empathy attacks or anything, despite the fact that he's stuck in a small metal tube with, like, two hundred agitated spirits. Behind Dr. Mark, Miles makes victorious noises and invites Mark to sit with him. He shows him the paperwork and says the oven on this plane is the same one as was on Flight 390. He tries to get up to go look at the oven, but Mark stops him, saying that he'll get himself arrested. I'm crossing my fingers, Miles! My cat is crossing her paws. Please get arrested and SHUT THE HELL UP! Miles begins ranting about the opportunity that they have to link the spirit presence on the plane to the oven that is just a few feet away. Mark tells him to calm down, and suddenly the plane hits some turbulence and drops in altitude. Miles looks scared and says that Flight 390 experienced a similar drop at the same point in the flight. They both look at their watches, and Dr. Mark leaves to check on Marian. Warren pulls the earphones out of his ears and says he can hear the pilots in the cockpit. Everyone ignores him, as usual. Back at the bathroom, Dr. Mark knocks on the door and Marian tells him that she's okay. However, we see that in the small cubicle she is doing automatic writing on paper towels. Miles gets up and tells Elmer that he's just going to walk around. Marian pulls towel after towel out of the dispenser and scrawls on them. The bathroom is so cold that we can see her breath. Marian cries and rumples her hair and suddenly the walls of the restroom stretch into arms that grab at her. Faces press in and scream, and Marian spins, whimpering. Miles goes into the galley and asks the flight attendant for a glass of water. He blathers about the origins of the word "galley" as he nonchalantly tries to check the serial number on the oven. The flight attendant, Tandy, notices him acting suspiciously and says she's going to fetch the captain. Miles stops her and starts to grill her about what the airline is trying to hide. In the bathroom, Marian pulls herself together and notices that the mirror is fogged up. She steps to it and begins to wipe away the condensation. As she does so, she sees a pilot standing behind her. He asks if she can see him, and she says that she can.

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The Others




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