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Souls On Board
In the galley Tandy is telling Miles that on an flight a few nights ago she counted one passenger too many according to the flight list. When she checked again she saw a pilot in a Spartan uniform sitting in coach. Miles gestures towards the oven but Tandy quickly corrects him that all the reused parts have been removed from the plane because of the rumors and strange occurrences. She's positive that none of the parts are salvage. She notices Battle-Axe coming towards them, and she urgently tells Miles he needs to get away and to not tell Karen (Battle-Axe) that he spoke with her. Mark distracts Karen until Miles can get back to his seat. The plane begins to lurch and the captain tells the passengers that it's routine turbulence. See, now you know they're lying when they say that and the plane is actually haunted. Elmer downs one of his miniatures of whiskey and I sigh enviously. In the cockpit, Karen and the pilot discuss the turbulence. She leaves and closes the door but it bangs open behind her. The pilot radios St. Louis air-traffic control, where someone informs him that no other planes have reported a rough ride. My knowledge of both geography and air-traffic control are shaky, but I'm fairly sure that a plane flying from Boston to Detroit would not go anywhere near St. Louis. The pilot requests permission to take the plane to a higher altitude. We see a close-up of the captain's name tag; he is the "Radley" who was mentioned on the black-box recording by the pilots of the crashed plane. A shaky spooky-cam rushes out of the cockpit and down the aisle to the back of the plane where Marian is exiting the bathroom, holding one of her scribbled-on paper towels. She walks, all spaced out and zombie-like, up the aisle, ignoring Dr. Mark when he calls to her. Too bad she has to be possessed to grow a spine. She pushes past Karen and, addressing the pilot as "Boo," she hands him the paper towel. He looks at it and she tells him, "It's from Steve." Her message seems to read, "Number two engine hot. Data fictitious." The captain tells the co-pilot to check engine two.

Marian is reclined in a seat, with her eyes closed, murmuring under her breath. Karen approaches Satori and begins to nag her about Marian going into the cockpit. Satori hushes her and says that Marian is "receiving." Karen doesn't care (and neither do the rest of us); she tells Satori that Marian has violated federal regulations and that she's going to have Marian arrested as soon as the plane lands. Capt. Boo Radley comes up behind Karen and whispers something to her, which causes her to stomp off in a huff. Capt. Radley inquires who Marian is and whether she has knowledge of aviation. He then explains about the warning Marian gave him and tells the Others that the number-two engine is indeed running hot. He says Marian got his attention by calling him "Boo" and says that a former colleague gave him the nickname. Dr. Mark wants to know if Steve Garcia was that colleague. Capt. Boo demands to know what the Others are up to. Satori conspiratorially explains that Marian is receiving a message and Elmer further explains that Marian is sharing her corporal body with a spirit that is "unable to move on." I know the feeling, spirit. But soon we'll both pass to the other side -- you to the great beyond, and me to a world with no Others recaps. Because Elmer and his spooky gang are doing such a crappy job of explaining themselves, Capt. Boo expresses disbelief. Satori and Miles babble about the reused parts. Suddenly Warren, wearing headphones, pipes up, "Souls on board. Spartan 3-9-0," and when Mark asks him what he's talking about, Warren hands Mark the headphones. Warren claims he can hear the cockpit but all Mark can hear is music. And that's it for Warren's plot in this episode -- all the foreshadowing with him and the earphones just goes nowhere. Boo Radley just stands there blankly during all this dithering instead of, say, flying the plane or handcuffing all their psychic asses to the back of the toilet. Miles asks where he's heard the phrase "souls on board" before; Albert says it's a term referring to the number of passengers and crew on a given flight. Elmer tells Capt. Boo that his "late friend, Captain Garcia, harbors a secret" about the crash. Capt. Boo defends his friend, and Elmer says that it's possible that Capt. Garcia hasn't been able to accept the "transition to death." As they talk, Miles's coffee cup begins to wander around his tray table. Capt. Boo has heard enough and tells the Others to just stay in their seats. As he heads back to the cockpit, all the luggage compartments snap open as he walks by. Miles's coffee cup begins to leak coffee, and Marian wakes with a moan. She apologizes for being spacey, and Albert says everything is Miles's fault. Miles apologizes again and again and whines that he'll go back to just providing snacks for the meetings. Satori says there's a reason that they are all on the flight and that it was "meant to be." Can we get an "oh, barf!" for Satori's mealy-mouthed mutterings? Make it nice and loud. Miles picks up his coffee cup and notices the dark ring it has left behind on his paperwork. Warren slides his window shade open a little and looks nervous.

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The Others




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