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Souls On Board

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Souls On Board
Marian explains to Mark that she doesn't like the feeling of being out of control that comes with her gift. Dr. Mark chides her for being so ambivalent about her powers and doing things like skipping Others meeting. Dr. Mark says she thinks they're all freaks (well, she's right) and asks why she came on the trip. She replies, "I came because you asked me. I came because of you." And now a chorus of "oh, barf!" for Marian! "Meh, bleh, I came on this trip with you, and the woman you're screwing, because you asked me. I'm a vacuous idiot who would collapse from lack of spine if I weren't belted upright into this faux airplane seat." Warren slides his window screen up a little more. Miles is looking at plane-crash web sites on his laptop. Warren finally slides his shade up all the way and sees ghostly figures. He begins screaming "No! No!" He yells that he saw people outside the plane, and Elmer frets that there are real souls on the plane trying to send them a message. Really, Elmer? You think? Because I certainly hadn't been getting that impression at all. Tandy just looks on, although I think she should zap Warren with her stun gun and put him in restraints. Elmer says the souls tell him there is something wrong with the plane and that Miles knows what it is. Miles says he doesn't know, but Elmer insists that he does. Karen shows up and shoves Warren down in his seat. She tells them all to sit down and to make sure to buckle Warren in. She says she's given them her last warning. Dr. Mark has Warren take his anti-anxiety medication. Miles stares at his watch and counts down. As he reaches one, the plane begins to quickly lose altitude, and Miles shouts that the same thing occurred on Flight 390 at the same time.

Karen and Tandy rush through the compartment, making sure that people have their tray tables up and their seat belts on. Satori notices that Marian has gone into another trance state. Her head rolls limply on her neck. More so than usual, I mean. In the cockpit, the pilots tell air-traffic control that they have an emergency and won't make it to Detroit. Air-traffic control gives them permission to land at a small airport nearby. The co-pilot worries that they won't make it. In coach, Elmer helps Marian to communicate with Capt. Garcia. Capt. Garcia keeps mentioning "joe," and the fact that Miles knows. Miles insists that he doesn't but starts to check his information on Flight 390. Crusty Blind Albert snaps that it isn't Flight 390 they should be concerned with. Karen stomps down the aisle and yells that the Others need to sit in their seats. Elmer extends his arm and enthralls her with the Force. She turns and walks away. Miles sees the circular coffee stain on his paperwork and begins to babble about his coffee cup moving about and how he didn't think anything of it. Elmer tells him to "edit [his] thoughts," and Miles gets to the point. He says the paper is a download from a conspiracy web site, featuring an internal memo from the company that manufactured the plane. Apparently, the planes can suffer a hydraulic leak that the faulty sensors in the engine cannot sense. Elmer tells Miles to take the paper to the captain, but Karen and some muscley dude try to stop him. Marian gets out of her seat and tries to follow, but Satori stops her. Miles demands to see the pilot; Karen won't let him by. He then shouts that Tandy should tell the pilot that there is a problem with the hydraulic system. Karen tells Tandy to stay put. Tandy looks conflicted, but in the end she grabs the paper and runs into the cockpit. When she tells the co-pilot to check the hydraulics, he reads the gauge and tells her that everything is fine in that area. She insists that the gauges are broken and explains she was told by the "weird people" in the back. Capt. Boo tells the co-pilot to do a visual check of the hydraulics, and when he pulls the panel off the compartment, we see that red fluid is spurting everywhere. Capt. Boo radios air-traffic control and tells them he needs instructions for a "no flaps, no slats" landing. The co-pilot says it looks like all the hydraulic fluid is gone, and Capt. Boo has him take over flying the plane. Capt. Boo then has the flight attendants bring him all the bottled water on the plane. He sends the co-pilot into the machine compartment to try to force liquid into the hydraulic systems with the bottled water.

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