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Marian wakes up on the floor of the warehouse room where Adrian and the man have been staying. Adrian sits silently, staring at her, but she takes his hand and starts to lead him out of the empty room, asking how he managed to look out the high window. "No use askin' him questions. He doesn't talk," says the creepy man, who is suddenly standing close by. At Marian's look of horror, he claims he was there all along, but she just didn't see him. The man says he has never hurt Adrian and that Adrian is his student. He wonders why the boy called Marian, and she explains that he was actually reaching out to his mother. The creepy man agrees that Adrian's spirit travels when he's asleep, and it's understandable that he would miss his mother. Marian demands to know where Dr. Mark is and the creepy man points to the wall behind her. When she turns, she sees Mark's bloody corpse chained to the wall. Marian sobs in terror and I cross my fingers, hoping we are rid of Dr. Blanding, but when Marian looks back at the wall she sees that nothing is actually there. Creepy Man explains that he's working on her fear and as he strokes his beard he ruminates that he could have done wonders with Marian if he had found her when she was young.

Outside, Dr. Mark is collapsed inside his car. A security guy knocks on the window and tells a disoriented Mark that he can't sleep there and has to leave. Inside the warehouse, Adrian sits blindfolded and catches pitch after pitch that the creepy man tosses to him. Creepy Man explains that Adrian's mind is very strong and that he's not afraid of the "unnamed." He sneers that the Unnamed has seen Marian and when she asks what it is, he threateningly and condescendingly says, "Well, if we knew what is was, then we could give it a name, couldn't we?" No duh, Marian. Creepy Man says no one can name it, and that's why the boy doesn't talk. I don’t quite follow that, but whatever, I'll let it pass. Anything that will make this hour end sooner. Marian asks if the Unnamed is what made Creepy Man kill the brother and sister in the tunnel, and he confirms that those children "weren't right" -- they were gifted but too afraid. He says he loved those children and that since he took their gifts when he killed them, they're still alive in a sense. He gestures towards Adrian, still sitting blindfolded, and says Adrian’s the one he was waiting for.

At Elmer's house, Satori is hypnotizing Dr. Mark and telling him that he's safe and can now remember what happened. Mark has his eyes closed and gets all twitchy. Elmer admonishes him to fight whoever has clouded his mind. We hear boat horns and the sound of the docks and Mark opens his eyes.

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The Others




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