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Elmer knocks on Gloria Muñoz's door and asks her to come with him. He tells her there's hope.

Marian asks how long Creepy Man will keep her, and a door slowly opens behind her. She calls Adrian to her and begs him to leave with her. Creepy Guy, his voice always calm and measured, says that Adrian has no reason to leave and that his education is "almost complete." He then shows Adrian a big knife and Marian pleads for Adrian's life. The man says he isn't going to kill Adrian because "he's part of me," and instead offers the knife to the boy and tells him to use it on Marian. Marian implores Adrian not to, and Adrian smiles in an evil way. Marian runs out onto a landing but the exit gate is locked. Below her, on the warehouse floor, she can see two security guards patrolling, but they can't hear her anguished cries. The Creepy Man strokes his beard with the knife and tells Adrian to "take her life, her strength, her gifts." Adrian approaches Marian.

Outside the warehouse, a car pulls up and Mrs. Muñoz and the Others (well, the ones that were paid to appear in this episode, anyway) get out.

Marian entreats Adrian not to kill her, telling him he's stronger than Creepy Man. She struggles with the locked gate, and Adrian uses his mental powers to float her in the air and choke her. Below on the warehouse floor, Elmer, Satori, Dr. Mark, and Mrs. Muñoz can see that Marian is in trouble. "Wake up, boy!" shouts Elmer in a booming voice. Suddenly, Adrian looks like a spell has been broken and his face appears less evil. He drops Marian to the landing and calls out, "Mommy!" He then turns his evil glare to the Creepy Man instead. The man says, "Adrian, no!" but Adrian uses his mental powers to force the knife up to Creepy Man's throat. The man manages to drop the knife, and he then points at Adrian and says, "You belong to me, boy. You'll always belong to me." Adrian mind-controls a pulley and chains into knocking the man from the landing down onto the warehouse floor. Marian helps Adrian down a ladder where his mother grabs and hugs him. Dr. Mark goes to call the paramedics for Creepy Man, but doesn't even look at him, even though he's a doctor. Guess he wouldn't want to sully his expensive hands with evil trash. Also, I'm wondering why Dr. Mark's powers of empathy don't cause him more problems. I mean, here he is surrounded by terror and pain, and he blandly wanders off to call 911. Creepy Man lies bleeding and mutters to Elmer that he has seen the Unnamed. He grabs Elmer's hand and Elmer has a vision wherein he's lying on the floor bleeding and the creepy man is standing over him saying, "It's coming." Elmer breaks out of his vision and the man lies dead on the ground.

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The Others




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