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It's ten minutes to five, and Will's team still hasn't made a decision on the Khateb thing, let alone put together a final report. Wow, do they suck. Miles' final vote is to bomb Khateb. "I'd rather live with the consequences of my action than my inaction," he says. Great. Khateb probably felt the same way when he bombed those school children. They just need Tanya to agree and make their decision unanimous, but she's reluctant because she sucks at this.

And yet, somehow, the three managed to come to a conclusion and write up a report about it in like ten minutes. Amazing! Grant gets to deliver it to Kale. He wastes a few minutes of our time trying to scrub a yellow stain out of his shirt, then enters Kale's office. "So?" Kale asks. "Yes," Grant says. "Yes?" Kale asks. "We say yes," Grant says; "take him out." Thank you for making that totally and completely clear to the audience, Grant and Kale. Grant gives Kale the file and slowly walks out of the office.

But it's all good news in Washington, as Will and Spangler enjoy a guilt-free celebration dinner in Spangler's hotel room. Will says he's glad to be just "a lowly analyst" after seeing the hoops Spangler has to jump through, but Spangler assures Will that he's much more than that, and was "excellent" in the Big Meeting. "I didn't speak," Will points out. Well then, that's probably the best thing he could have done. Spangler says a lot of people have trouble keeping quiet. Oh my god, Spangler. Stop trying to make Will's passivity and general suckiness into something good. With that, he presents Will with a present: a briefcase just like Spangler's! Will stammers out some kind of gratitude before he's interrupted by Spangler's cell phone. It's his daughter, who we now learn is named Danielle. And whose call Spangler decides not to answer. Will asks Spangler if he has any other children, and Spangler says he has a son in college. When Will asks which college, Spangler starts talking about his relationship with his father, like anyone cares about that. Spangler says his father disapproved of Spangler's work, saying it was "insidious" but that he didn't really understand what Spangler's job really was about, which is a common misunderstanding. Spangler views his work as "a gift." "What is?" Will asks. Idiot. Spangler explains that he likes the "solitude" and "separation" that is part of their line of work. And with that, they eat dinner.

Tanya, Grant, and Miles are also spending time together, splitting a bottle of something alcoholic in the meeting room. Tanya asks what "Khateb" means. "In Arabic, it means 'the writer,'" Miles says. "They don't speak Arabic in Indonesia," Grant says. "This guy is a genius," Tanya says. You know, if they didn't spend the first half of this episode making Tanya feel like shit, I would almost sort of like Will's team after all of this. And then they all complain about how tough their job is and the decisions they're forced to make and how they're expected to analyze data without emotions. "I'm gonna get good and drunk," Tanya decides, like she doesn't do that every single day. The three toast to that.

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