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Kale says they got a report from Indonesia that is taking priority: they may be able to "eliminate" some guy named Khateb. Miles asks if they can't just arrest Khateb. Kale says obviously not, or else he wouldn't be asking them to kill him. Duh. "Jakarta won't sanction that," he says; "the best we can do is a Hellfire strike from a Predator." Okay, so, Jakarta doesn't want them to arrest an Al-Qaeda operative, but they're cool with blowing the shit out of a large area he might happen to be in? Huh? Kale says they need to assess the intel and recommend to the NSC whether or not they should order the strike by the day after tomorrow. Tanya thinks that isn't much time, but Kale doesn't really care. "When does Will get back from his teacher's pet tour?" Grant asks, possibly thinking that Kale is out of earshot. He isn't, and tells Grant that Will will be back in time to help them write the final version of their recommendation, which has to be unanimous as this is an "irreversible" decision. With that, Kale takes one of Grant's not-donuts, studies it, and then puts it back in the box. Oh come on, Kale. That not-donut cost half of Tanya's salary! You could at least pretend it looked appetizing. Kale leaves for real this time, and Tanya asks what he meant by "irreversible." DUH, Tanya. I mean, come on. Grant explains it means killing people. "I hate this shit," Miles sighs sadly. I say that the exact same way at least three times while watching an episode of this show.

And now it's time for another hour of Miranda Richardson wandering around her mansion. I think she's at her actual home and not the secret townhouse now, although it's hard to tell since they pretty much look the same and I don't really care anymore. Also, where are her kids? Why did they bother showing us those kids (which were too young to have been Miranda Richardson's anyway, but I guess we were supposed to ignore that) if they didn't matter and would be wiped out of existence by episode two? Katherine finds a box on one of her dining room tables, apparently put there by one of the help along with the rest of the day's mail. Katherine opens the box to find an evidence bag from the Nassau County Police Department, who apparently think it's funny to send bathrobes coated in blood and brain matter to grieving widows with little to no warning. Damn, Nassau County Police Department, that is cold.

Naturally, Katherine is kind of upset to see her husband's wedding ring and bathrobe (why return it at all? Did they think she'd rather use some heavy-duty stain remover on it instead of buying a new bathrobe?), although I don't know why she felt the need to actually remove the bathrobe from the bag. People have to eat off of that dining table, Katherine. The third item in the box is Tom's cell phone. Apparently, Nassau County PD refrained from sending the bullet they took out of Tom's head back to his widow. How kind of them. Katherine turns the phone on, and sees that there are two new messages, which she, of course, listens to. The first is from her, saying that "the grandkids" are coming over tomorrow (AH HA! I guess those two children were her grandchildren after all. And now the only mystery I cared about on this show has been solved for me) and asking if he wants anything from the grocery store. Um, what? Billionaires don't go to the grocery store. I know some millionaires who don't go to the grocery store. The second message is from Wheeler: "Tom, it's James. If you keep this up, you know what's gonna happen," he says. Katherine finds this so significant that she replays it for us like fifty times.

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