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Miles goes over all known information about their target, Khateb, which isn't very much. They can "directly link" him to a bunch of bombings in Australia, which I was not aware was a big terrorist target, and the informant says Khateb will be at a "safehouse" Thursday morning, which is their opportunity to take him out. Tanya says this sounds pretty simple to her: Khateb is a "bad guy." Grant testily replies that they'll have to build a more solid foundation than that, and Miles condescendingly explains that the missile they want to fire at Khateb's safehouse will take out an entire block along with the bad guy. Grant says he will agree that Khateb is a "legitimate target" (a.k.a. "bad guy"), pointing out a picture of a pile of dead children that are presumably victims of one of Khateb's plots. Miles says that's all well and good, but it doesn't prove that Khateb is actively engaged in planning an attack against the United States, which they need evidence of in order to justify an assassination. I think they should just give all this stuff over to Australia and let them deal with it. Tanya says Khateb is an "Al-Qaeda rock star," and thus his death would send a message to his followers. Miles doesn't think that's enough. At this point, Maggie walks in and asks if anyone needs anything, because they need to justify her character's existence and the paycheck for the actress who portrays her by giving her something to do. Miles asks her to get them lunch.

And we know we're in Washington because we see a pile of Washington Posts at the hotel Will and Spangler are checking into. While they wait at reception, Spangler lectures Will on the importance of buying a good briefcase, as opposed to the dingy messenger bags Will has slung over his shoulders. Spangler says briefcases help you to be taken seriously, which is not a bad point, really. But considering that Will couldn't even be bothered to tuck his shirt in on his first day as team leader, Spangler shouldn't be surprised at this. Will says he's "attached" to his current "briefcase," which he hasn't even bothered to properly close. Spangler says the messenger bag has no handle or "security tether." "What?" Will asks, because he's a moron. Spangler explains that he means something like handcuffs, then describes the perfect briefcase for Will: something inconspicuous and seemingly inexpensive with a key lock and clasps instead of zippers. Preferably, Spangler says, holding up his own briefcase as an example, a single clasp, so it can be easily and quickly accessed using just one hand. Will says nothing in response to all of this, the expression on his face indicating that he thinks Spangler is being silly, as Will apparently sees no problem in putting confidential documents that are important to our national security in a cheap fabric bag.

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