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Will and Spangler then meet with the CIA. We know they're the CIA because they wear big badges with "CIA" written in red ink. It must be hard to go undercover with that badge on. After some small talk, Spangler tries to get the CIA's support by offering them an "interesting tidbit" of information he thinks the CIA will find useful. This is Will's cue to speak, and he says they got something from a "Malaysian cipher." One of the two CIA guys with a speaking part says they got that same data from the NSA, seeming smug about this. Will says that API did some "analysis" that "points to something unusual," which the NSA can't give them. Then he lists off a bunch of cities and says he thinks it's the travel itinerary of an Al-Qaeda operation. Yeah, except that the cities he just listed off are the same cities Miles was looking at in the first episode, and they later said that that was the British Prime Minister's travel itinerary and even contacted the British intelligence people to inform them. Now they're trying to pass it off as the travel itinerary of Al-Qaeda? I call shenanigans! Spangler offers to "walk" the CIA people "through" their bullshit made-up travel itinerary, and then he and Will just sit there without speaking for a few minutes and wait for the scene to end.

Tanya's in the bathroom, where she's always up to no good. This time, instead of puking out her hangover, she's taking some pills. Except she's taking them out of a small labeled prescription bottle and she can't even swallow them without water, so she's clearly not much of a drug addict. This show needs to try a little bit harder than this to convince me that Tanya has a substance abuse issue.

Tanya heads back into the meeting room, where Grant and Miles are still discussing the assassination of Khateb, which I care less and less about every time we see a scene about it. Now they're debating the reliability of their Indonesian contact. Miles says he's been giving them information in return for money for five years now. Tanya speaks up to say it's not likely that he'd put that relationship in jeopardy by supplying them with false information. DUH, Tanya. Grant says that the contact may not know that the information is false, and Miles says the guy is a professional spy, and all spies lie. Grant is sick of Miles' dwelling on how reliable their contact's information might be, reminding him that the agent has always given them correct and useful information in the past, like "great stuff on MILF." At this, Tanya, followed by Miles, start laughing. "The Moral Islamic Liberation Fund. In the Phillippines," Grant says, not getting what Tanya and Miles find so funny. It's always great to find something you can laugh about when you're in the middle of deciding the fate of a block of innocent Indonesians. And it's nice to see some characters on this show acting like real people.

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