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Unfortunately for Will, his call is just as whiny and entitled as Spangler's probably was, as Miles begs Will to make their decision for them. Will doesn't care about anyone but himself, let alone his team or some innocent Indonesian children, so he just tells Miles to figure it out for himself before then asking him to secretly look for information on Donald Bloom. Will is totally the kid who makes friends with you over summer vacation because you have a pool and then twists your arm to swim in it with him even though you're not allowed to without adult supervision and then when the weather gets cold and there's no pool to swim in, he never speaks to you again. Until next summer.

We then go to the Big Meeting. It's apparently just wrapping up, as the guy in charge says there's nothing he can do to protect API from congressional interference. With that, he and the rest of the men behind the desk (the CIA guys and Colonel Mitchell, I believe, are in that group) shut their binders and start getting up to leave. But Spangler has one point to make, and it's going to take forever to get out and then not make all that much sense but somehow convince everyone to change their minds and keep API independent.

Spangler looks at the guy in charge's tie and comments that his wife probably said something to him about how good he looked in that tie this morning. Way to assume he's married and heterosexual and his wife isn't blind, Spangler. Spangler says that the guy can't take his wife's opinion on his tie at face value, since she could have ulterior motives for saying nice things about his tie, or her opinion might be tainted by their shared history and an emotional attachment she has to the tie and her husband. But if Spangler were to say that the guy had a nice tie on, the guy would know Spangler was telling the truth because Spangler is a stranger to him. Um, except that Spangler could totally be sucking up to the guy to try to get him to decide the way he wants him to. Or colorblind. Or have bad taste in ties. I still don't see any reason why the guy should trust Spangler's opinion any more or less than his wife's. Spangler's all: "whose judgment are you going to trust? Mine, or your wife's?" and then pauses for a few seconds just to let that non-point sink in before introducing the group to Will as a "remarkable intelligence analyst" whose best asset to the intelligence community is the fact that they don't know him and he doesn't know them, so he and the rest of API's analyses can be trusted to be impartial. Or something. "He just knows what your tie looks like. You can trust him," Spangler concludes, then sits back a bit and thinks about how awesome he just was. Dude can't even tell his own daughter to pay for her own fucking car insurance, but he still thinks he's the man. Will, meanwhile, is no doubt taking all of this in and planning to use it next time he needs to convince someone to risk his life and/or job to get him some information. As for the intelligence community representatives gathered behind the desk, they say nothing because, out of sheer boredom, they all hanged themselves with their own ties.

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