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Previously on Revolution: Danny got grabbed by Neville, Nate turned out to be militia rather than just a nice boy who was following Charlie around because he had a crush on her, Maggie pined for the photos of her children locked in her powerless iPhone, Jeremy blew Miles's cover, and Charlie made more wet-eyed goopy looks.

This week: Charlie is running from someone. Looks like a militia guy, from his Civil War-style Nehru collar (I hope some future episode explains why Miles and Monroe mandated that their militia always dress like Johnny Reb. Also I am getting tired of typing the letter M). She falls down and he catches her, grabbing the bag she had. She protests that she was just hungry, and the man says he has to take her in, and she'll be subject to some horrible punishment for stealing a week's rations. But then Miles pops up and cold-cocks the guy. Nora congratulates Charlie on a trap well laid. Miles grabs the guy as he sits up and tells him his name. The guy on the ground can't really believe it. Miles says he's not joking, and "all the stories are true."

Miles asks the man about Neville, if he's seen him lately. The man confirms that Neville passed through, and says yes when Miles asks if Neville had a prisoner. He saw them yesterday. They were on their way to Noblesville. Miles picks the guy up and looks ready to let him go, then knocks the man unconscious. I will have to ask my friend's Marine husband if that's a standard thing they teach you in basic training now, how to smack somebody in the face hard enough to put their lights out with one punch, or if it's just a party trick of Miles's.

Miles, Nora, and Charlie hit the dirt road and Charlie asks what stories the man knew about Miles. He doesn't want to tell her, but Charlie points out that everyone they meet wants to capture or kill Miles, or kill Charlie for knowing him, and they all seem terrified of him. She babbles on and on until Miles finally yells, "Dammit, Charlie, shut up!" YAY MILES! He tells her he doesn't owe her an explanation, and if she wants Danny back she'll just shut the hell up or else she's on her own. She sulks.

Maggie and Aaron are in Lowell, Indiana, where Miles told them to meet. She observes that they're a day late. Aaron seems somewhat less than concerned. Maggie has a flashback to Skyping with her kids from Seattle (as we know because we can see the Space Needle out the window. It's totally true that everywhere in metro Seattle has an excellent view of that instantly recognizable landmark). She says she'll be home to see them in two days, and though they want her to read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz to them, she says they need to go to bed. Well, yeah, since it's past sunset in Seattle and the UK is eight hours ahead of the West Coast. Those kids should be getting ready for breakfast, not bed. Just as Maggie tells her son to go to sleep and he begs for just one chapter, the power goes out. Out the window, the Space Needle, and then all of Seattle, goes dark.

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