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Judge Cooke's Office Where They Sizzle With Pain. Eugene argues, "It's exculpatory evidence and they held it." Helen insists that one case has absolutely nothing to do with the other. Eugene continues, "A woman stabbed seen at Hannigan's bar -- come on!" Blah it was a robbery victim, blah stabbed once blah. Ellenor jabs, "We should have been told about it, Helen." Helen explains that the state has no obligation to reveal their other cases. Ellenor continues, "It either fits the pattern or comes damn close." Helen doesn't agree. Ah, but the judge does, and she asks Eugene to "explain the harm." Eugene responds, "We may have had another defense available." Which is? That "the other man" really does exist. Helen snaps, "Oh, come on!" Eugene wants to change the plea and argue the elements. Helen barks that they just can't change a plea. Eugene whines, "We got stuck with this on Sunday!" Blah another murder, blah fits the pattern, blah one extra witness, blah guaranteed appeal if it's denied. Judge Cooke allows the alternative plea. Helen gasps, "I don't believe this!" Which causes the judge to tell her off for hiding the evidence in the first place.

The Firm Where They Tiptoe Around Lindsay's Volatile Pain. Rod walks out of his office, and Rebecca asks how Lindsay is doing. Rod answers, "She's okay." Lindsay walks out of the office behind her husband and snarks, "I am not okay." Because airing your marital gripes in front of the entire office is such a mature way of dealing with your troubles. Lindsay yells, "What's wrong with you?" Rod snaps, "Lindsay!" She screams, "I'm not okay!" Pause. Blah beat him to death, blah okay, blah always okay, blah hysterics, blah yelling, blah door slamming blah. Bobby clenches his teeth: "Please don't embarrass me like that in front of the office." Lindsay cries, "Please don't embarrass you? I got stabbed three years ago, I got stabbed, Bobby!" Blah knife, blah almost died, blah musical interlude blah. Then she got stalked. Are we sure that The Practice is not a soap opera? Has anyone ever truly determined that Bobby and Helen aren't in some way related? Blah she's not okay, blah she's not okay, blah she's not okay, blah tears, blah wails, blah tears, blah gasp blah.

The Courtroom Where Pain Is Never Ruled Out As A Witness. Ah, Detective Mike. At least they haven't taken you away from us completely. Eugene argues that it's related. Mike testifies to the fact that they've got no suspect. Helen argues that it isn't related. Mike testifies to that, too. The evidence kind of supports Helen's interpretation of the additional murder, and not Eugene's: the woman was overweight and not the pattern victim; the knife was different; the wound was inconsistent with the other murders. Sounds fishy to me.

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