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The fake media pounces as Team Lannibal heads into a client room. I think I caught a glimpse of Ed Burns and Angelina Jolie in the audience. Oh, right, that film is set in "Seattle," Hollywood's code name for "filmed in Vancouver." Eugene coaches Bobby on his closing. He thinks that if they argue the elements, bring up their alternative theory, and toss in the psycho card, they've got a good chance. The guards bring Lannibal into the room. He looks around. His eyes go wild. Bobby chatters on about their game plan. Lannibal ignores him and says, "Where's Clarice?" Bobby grits his teeth and mutters, "Never mind." Lannibal asks if she's all right. Lindsay steps forward. Lannibal apologizes for frightening her. Then he says, "If anything ever happened to you, you know I'd make sure you go to heaven." Bobby "Bull Dog" Donnell lurches forward: "Hey! Shut your mouth. I don't want you talking to her anymore." They stare at each other for a bit. That's all. No noses get bit off or anything. Anvil is a bit irritated, but I've managed to calm her down.

The Courtroom. Helen's closing. Blah blah blah guilty-cakes. She argues that Lannibal is a competent, "highly functional" man. Uh-huh. It's all just an act.

Bobby gets up and starts his closing. It's short but sweet: "We put up three doctors who said he wasn't faking. They believe he's insane." Blah schizophrenic, blah fourth murder, blah can't prove it's not related, blah state, blah burden, blah acquit. And that's that. Bobby sits down. Eugene gets up and continues. He goes on and on and on and on. Blah clearly psychotic man, blah jail, blah needs help, blah reasonable doubt blah. Eugene explains that the jury has to find Lannibal not guilty. It's a good closing. Eugene is convincing. If the prosecution wasn't so hell-bent on getting Lannibal, they would probably be in a better position -- even if no one truly believes "the other man" exists, the other murder does present reasonable doubt, and I guess that's all Eugene needs. He sits back down. Bobby tries to look like he didn't just try to throw the case because Lannibal wants to eat his wife. Yawn.

The Firm. The entire team pouts their way back into the office. Lucy asks how it went, and Rebecca responds, "Jury's got it." All kinds of briefcases are thrown around all over the place. Eugene yells, "If you didn't want to close, why didn't you just say so, Bobby?" Bobby barks that his closing was fine. Blah half-assed, blah back off, blah job to do, blah Bobby didn't do his job blah. Eugene: "What are we? Some clients we try our hardest for? Others we pull back?" Bobby's eyes make a tour of the ground in front of his feet. Eugene slams off into his office. Rebecca comes in to "smooth things over." Rebecca: "I don't disagree, but it's his wife, Eugene. Maybe you don't have to excuse him because of that, but I would think you could understand." There's a knock on the door. Bobby enters and tells the two of them that the jury has reached a verdict.

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