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Ding-dong, the psycho is dead

Eugene's closing takes on a whole other tone. Blah the law, blah reasonable doubt, blah integrity of the system, blah Catholic Church, blah don't trust society, blah instill the law. He goes on and on and on. Anarchy. Suicide bombers. Jingoism. Reasonable doubt. More jingoism. More reasonable doubt. And then some more reasonable doubt. Add some more reasonable doubt. Choke on your reasonable doubt. Then try to get out from under the reasonable doubt. Yawn.

The Firm. Bobby and Lindsay are back in the office. He instructs Rebecca, Lucy, and Ellenor to call the police if Lannibal decides to show up at the office. Ellenor asks where Lindsay is, and he replies that she's in his office. He's going to take her home. Ellenor says respectfully, "Could you make her take a couple of days off?" He's trying. Lucy hangs up the phone. Apparently, Eugene's jury was out for a total of eleven minutes. Ellenor: "And they have a verdict?" Oh, that doesn't sound good.

Courtroom. Isaac sits behind his brother. The film looks strange and doctored, because, well, it is doctored, because the same actor is playing both brothers. The Twin Sonata In Elegiac D Minor chimes as the judge asks the defendant to rise. Has a jury reached a verdict? Yes. They find Jerry Cochran guilty. The gallery gives a collective sigh. The bailiffs take him away. On his way out, Eugene tells Jerry that they'll review all the grounds they have and let him know if there are any possible appeals. Callie thanks Helen from the bottom of her heart. Ah, justice was served.

But was it? Outside the courtroom, Isaac asks if there will be any appeals. Jimmy thinks that the fact that the jury deliberated only for eleven minutes might be a good place to start. Helen walks by and says, "Dr. Cochran. I'd cancel your appointments for the afternoon. I'll be sending officers to arrest you for perjury. You made a big mistake." Isaac looks flustered: "They can't get me on that, can they?" Eugene says, "You lied under oath!" How do they know that? Isaac insists that he's just going to keep saying he did it. Eugene says the DNA evidence, while it can't be used against his brother, can be used to prove that he didn't rape the girl. Isaac insists, "Mr. Young. Jerry and I are identical twins. We have the same DNA." Pause. Eugene still thinks the story is tough to swallow. Oh, trust me, Eugene, it's not as hard to swallow as the following: "Well, if we really get desperate, I can just show them the scar where she gouged me with the key." Ah, cue the music. Ah, cue the wonder. Ah, cue the shock. Eugene and Jimmy just stand there staring at one another.

The House Of Rod. Lindsay watches an old movie on television. She's curled up on the couch. Bobby comes into the room and says, "He finally went out after --" The baby cries from inside his closet. Rod continues, "Or maybe not." He goes back in to soothe the child. The doorbell rings. Lindsay jumps. The doorbell rings again. Lindsay rises slowly and walks over to the door. She does check the peephole. She doesn't put the chain on. She just opens the door and looks shocked. Because, of course, Lannibal is standing there. He says, "We need to talk, Clarice." Lindsay replies, "There's a restraining order. You just screwed up." Lannibal just wants thirty seconds, and then he'll go. Lindsay grabs the phone and dials 911. She screams, "Bobby!" Then she says into the phone, "Yes. This is an emergency. There is an intruder in my house." Bobby comes in and says, "What's wrong?" He sees Lannibal standing there and tells him to get out. Lannibal doesn't respond. Lindsay says the police are coming. Lawrence: "Just tell me why you betrayed me, Clarice. I need to know." Bobby threatens to throw him out. Lannibal clenches his teeth and tells Bobby he might get hurt. Bobby screams, "Who are you?" Lannibal answers, "You know who I am." Then he turns to Lindsay: "You're in danger, Clarice." Bobby shouts, "Get out!" Lannibal ignores him. "He is coming for you. Only I can save you." Bobby: "You've got two seconds before I throw you out!" Lannibal continues, "You'll go to heaven, and I will take you there myself." Lindsay pulls out a gun, channels Linda Hamilton, and says, "You know what? Why don't you go on ahead without me!" Lindsay shoots him a couple times. Bobby screams, "Lindsay!" Calmly, she says to her husband, "I told you. I wasn't going to go through it again." Then she puts the gun down and walks out of the room, leaving Rod there to clean up the body and deal with the police.

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