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Eugene gets up for his cross. He buttons his coat. That is one of my favourite Eugene moves; it's smooth and professional, like his suit is an extension of his calm, cool interior. You go, Eugene. You get that rapist off. Not because he's a rapist, but because this damn show exploits far too much violence against women. Enough is enough. It's a horrible, terrible crime. Women suffer a great deal as a result of sexual assault. But does every other episode have to have a rape victim looking for revenge? Right, sorry. It's the end of the season. I am weary. I need a little tenderness. Aw, thanks, Anvil. A foot rub is nice. Very soothing. So, Eugene, right. He says, "When the police arrived, you said you could not approximate the suspect's height or build." Callie responds, "I saw his face very clearly." Eugene counters, "But you said he had no facial hair. At the time of his arrest, my client had a moustache." Well, she missed the moustache, but she did see his eyes. Further, Jerry bore no scratches or marks at all, despite Callie believing she drew blood when she gouged him behind the ear with her keys. Well, the blood on her keys turned out to be her own, she guesses. What, no one tested the blood to see if it matched the semen? If she was struggling, didn't she scratch the suspect? Eugene: "You guess? Did you describe for the police the clothing the assailant was wearing?" Yeah. What about fibers? They're always finding all kinds of fibers over at C.S.I. Callie responds, "No." Eugene: "You were knocked unconscious during the attack, is that right?" Callie says that that was after the rape. She was conscious during the attack. Eugene: "You testified when he punched you three or four times before the rape, you kind of lost consciousness." Callie insists, "I kind of lost consciousness, but I was conscious for the rape and I saw his face exactly." Eugene: "Except for the moustache." Yes. Eugene asks if she went into shock. Callie replies, "If you're asking did it compromise my capacity to observe --" Eugene interrupts. Damn, he's quick. This is the turning point of the testimony. It is a moment of pure perfection. He continues, "No. I'm asking, did you go into a little shock?" Callie says yes. Eugene: "'Compromise your capacity to observe,' that's legal terminology. Are you a lawyer?" Callie says no. "Those were your own words, 'compromise your capacity to observe'? Did Ms. Gamble use that term with you?" Callie falters. She tries to lean back on The Sympathy Of Sympathetic Victims but it's not very sturdy either. I'd offer her Anvil, but I'm kind of partial to her myself. Helen tries to put the fire out by objection. The judge takes his hand off his pontificating chin for a minute and sustains the objection. Eugene: "Did the district attorney have concerns about your capacity to observe?" Helen objects again. The judge sustains the objection once more. Eugene stares at her, then says, "Thank you, Ms. Fairbanks."

Fake Boston At Lunchtime Oozes With Pain. Helen and Detective Mike are in a police cruiser outside Lawrence O'Malley's apartment building. I'm assuming that they didn't let him go back to his house after the trial -- whatever, I didn't know a guilty verdict meant that you lost your home, but carry on. Helen twitters, "I've got to get back. If he doesn't come out soon…" Mike assures her that she shouldn't worry, that Lannibal comes out every day between noon and half past "like clockwork." Mike starts to say something about the case going before Judge Cooke. Helen insists that it's not going before Cooke. She continues, "These expert witness doctors said that stress and anger would make 'the other man' emerge, maybe he'll wig out and give us something we can use." Mike: "Are you telling me we should rough him up?" Ah, Detective Mike. You're so cute. Helen says, "Oh God no, this has got to go clean, we're on shaky ground as it is." Pause. "I'll try to bait him a little and see what I get." You know when you go to the dentist and they freeze your mouth so that your lips are all droopy and you can't talk? That's what Helen's mouth looks like. Only it's permanently that way. In some scenes, the right half is puffier than the left. In some scenes, the lip gloss just exacerbates the problem. On top of that, they've piled so much eye make-up on her orbs that they look like they're wearing a black wool sweater.

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