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Fire's burning, fire's burning

The FBI Building. Lucy and Ellenor are there. It must be a brand-new day, because they're both wearing different outfits. Lucy explains how much she likes Skip. Ellenor says, "It's just the age difference." He told Lucy he was eighteen, and it doesn't matter because she never slept with him anyway. There's a part of her that really likes Skip. But before Ellenor can act all matronly, Skip's mother comes up and calls Lucy a slut. Okay, she tells Lucy she's pretty first, and then she calls her a slut. And she's not even kidding. Mrs. Hyman says, "My son was perfect. And then he meets you. Now, he's in trouble." So I guess being obsessive runs in the family.

Suffering County Courthouse Where They Finish Off The Pain Slowly. Closing arguments. Helen says that D'Ambrosio is greedy. Blah hired Tucker, blah torched the warehouse, blah someone died, blah burned alive blah. So, just to be sure, Helen's team thinks that D'Ambrosio is guilty of a criminal conspiracy.

Jimmy says D'Ambrosio didn't do it. In fact, his client is a pillar of the community. Yawn. Jimmy argues that the prosecution is simply blaming him for being an Italian-American. You know what I think? I think DEK is suffering from an anxiety disorder because his show sucks and The Sopranos doesn't. So blah stereotypes in the media, blah bash The Sopranos, blah bad movies, blah over-hype blah. Jimmy argues that maybe people do think that if you are a successful Italian-American, you must be mobbed up, but in this case, it's not true. And it's a disservice to society to think otherwise. Blah no evidence linked to Tucker, blah demented admitted liar blah. If you didn't get it -- Jimmy's trying like mad to get D'Ambrosio off, because he's not guilty.

Joe Morton's Office Of Secret FBI Pain. Ellenor proposes a deal. Skip and his mom are there. Mrs. Hyman pleads for her son; after all, "he's a good boy." Lucy stands off to the side. Morton agrees, but only if Skip makes full restitution and forfeits any property bought with the funds. Lucy holds up the ring. Then she asks if she can talk to Skip. He asks her to "please don't." She apologizes. "I'm just not ready for that kind of a commitment." He tells her he loves her. And "if it's the ring. He'll get her another one." Mrs. Hyman stands up and shouts, "Oh! Please!" For once, echoing my sentiments. Lucy says it's not the ring; she does care for him, but it's just too much. Mrs. Hyman doesn't wait for Skip to respond. She grabs the ring and slams it on Morton's desk: "My son will take the deal. He'll plead guilty." She turns to Lucy. "And you stay the hell away from my son!" Now that all ended up for the best, didn't it?

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