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Fire's burning, fire's burning

Suffering County Courthouse. The jury files in. D'Ambrosio hands Jimmy his Rolex, because he's afraid that if he goes into custody, the guards will steal it and never give it back. What? Does he think he's going back to Oz? Didn't someone tell him that he died in that prison? That he's not likely to be resurrected anytime soon? Right. The verdict. He's found not guilty. Now, there's a surprise. Walsh shakes his head. He's a real sore loser.

Client Room. D'Ambrosio puts his watch back on. As if we didn't already think he was an asshole. Blah what a relief, blah thank you so much blah. He hugs Jimmy. Thanks him for saving him from being wrongly convicted. Then, for some reason, D'Ambrosio brings up Jimmy's father. I start pulling my hair out piece by piece. My scalp is sore, but it's totally less painful. Blah you are nothing like my father, blah he was a good man, blah you lousy tax-evading butterhead, blah yawn, blah you never knew my father blah. Insert whatever sappy story about what a stand-up guy Jimmy's father was here. Use your imagination. You won't have to go far. D'Ambrosio wells up. But then he ruins the moment; according to him, the truth is that he's just a businessman trying to make a living in a hard, hard world. Ah, life lessons for everyone. Double yawn.

Holding Cell Where Helen Confronts The Pain. Helen is with Tucker. He says, "I waited until the last minute to plead because I knew Walsh would be desperate and he'd give me a good deal." She doesn't like that answer. She wants to know if Walsh coerced him to falsely incriminate D'Ambrosio. Tucker doesn't want to admit to lying on the stand, because that means he'll have to do the full time for his crime. He says, "Unless you want me to give me a better break for giving up Walsh." Helen looks disgusted. Her face is made up like an eighteenth-century doll. In fact, those dolls on Antiques Roadshow actually look better. Helen says no; Tucker is going to go away for as long as possible, even if she has to give him a reduced sentence because she can't prove he lied. Helen tries to go. He stops her, saying, "I know it would make you feel so much better to blame Walsh. You're such a team player." Blah Walsh wanted to believe him, blah what was her excuse. He slithers closer to Helen and says, "Whenever you got close to asking me about the details of the fire, about the key, all I had to do was insult you and you forgot to pursue it." Pause. "A good prosecutor would have known I was lying the whole time. Ambitious and incompetent, they'll make you a judge if you're not careful." Helen stands there, staring at Tucker. She doesn't know what to say. He whispers, "Good night, honey." And calls for the guard. Man. The men in Helen's life keep beating her up and down. She totally needs a vacation.

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