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Fire's burning, fire's burning

But wait! Jimmy has an idea. And no, from the look on Rod's face, it doesn't seem that the Lump informed Bobby of his thinking in advance. Jimmy wants the court to consider dismissing the indictment for "vindictive prosecution." Judge Kimball says, "Excuse me?" Jimmy posits that the prosecution "targeted our client because he's Italian-American." The peanut gallery trumps, "He's right about that." Rod turns around and whisper-talks, "Jimmy, what are you doing?" He's grasping at straws. That's what he's doing. "We would like time to conduct discovery into the issue." The judge asks if they have any evidence to suggest that this happened. Jimmy argues that most arson cases involving organized crime have involved Italian-Americans. There are no statistics. He offers no case law. Essentially, he's pulling this argument out of his asshole. One minute, D'Ambrosio is complaining about being unfairly treated because he's an Italian-American; the next, Jimmy's up there in open court inflaming the situation. The word "idiot" comes to mind. The judge gives Jimmy's generalization the stink-eye. Jimmy: "Why else would a respected businessman be on trial?" That's the only thing Jimmy could think of? Helen whines, "Because he collected a huge insurance settlement after his business was burned down." Jimmy: "Allegedly. The fire was an accident." The judge decides that if that is the case, if in fact D'Ambrosio is innocent, the jury will acquit him. Then he slams the gavel, shutting down Jimmy's thinly veiled attempt to save face with their client and get the D-Fence more time.

Rod walks back to the table. His eyebrows are twitching. He whisper-threatens, "D'Ambrosio wants you first chair, fine. But pull a stunt like that again and you will lose." Jimmy whisper-whines that it was "a shot." Blah D'Ambrosio needs to see the fight blah. Bobby: "Just don't lose your credibility in the process." Whew. Bobby told him.

The Firm. A lovely young man, freshly imported from The WB (Young Americans, in fact), is tutoring Lucy on the valuable uses of the mouse. They click together. He says, "If you hit this, you go right to the files." She half-smiles and says, "Yeah! Right." He moons, "You are totally computer literate." Ellenor walks over to Rebecca and Lindsay, who have nothing better to do but watch the little fella melt all over Lucy, of all people. Ellenor cracks, "Why isn't Doogie in school?" She hands Rebecca a book. They all giggle. Rebecca replies, "His name is Skip. His high school has a work-study program." Ellenor replies, "He's been here eight times and the computers are never fixed. If he'd quit hitting on Lucy --" Well, that's because the computers are fake. They aren't even turned on most of the time. Lindsay: "Is it me or is he kind of cute?" He is cute, in a pathetic, how-bad-could-this-possibly-be kind of way. Skip the wondercrush says, "You've totally mastered the system. Most people would take, like, weeks. Took you like four days. You're awesome!" He is smitten. He obviously hasn't learned that Lucy does absolutely no work. None. The three biddies are watching the two of them like they're Romeo and Juliet. Do they not notice that Ellenor, Rebecca, and Lindsay are staring at them like puppets in a box? Honestly. Skip continues, "Until you guys upgrade there's some things I can't do." He pauses. Stares at Lucy. And then says, "Thing about computers. They offer so much, all you have to do is sit back and let them do it for you." He almost falls into her face. "Your hair smells like summer." Ew. Gross. It looks like he almost ate her ear.

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