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Lucy jumps up and snarls, "Are we done?" Skip jumps back and rubs his hands through his hair. Lucy pulls out a pen and asks how much for the lesson, or whatever the hell it was that he just did. He walks forward and says it's free because "you guys are my friends." This guy is such an idiot. No one on DEK's staff could write a realistic character if their life depended on it. Honestly, this character is so bad, they'd kill him off The WB in seconds. And that's really not saying much. I thought it was work-study? You get paid for work-study? I thought for sure that you worked for credit. Maybe it's different in the States. ["Usually, you get paid. It just means the positions are reserved for students on aid, which is pretty much everyone." -- Sars] Ellenor thinks it's nice that Skip doesn't want any money. He responds, "The computer stuff's just promotional. I have other businesses." Really? "Tutoring, investing." Blah super-teen, blah letter athlete, blah cross-country, school, junior achievement blah. Lucy runs over with a cheque, saying, "If it's too much just put it toward next time." Who gave Lucy permission to sign the cheques? He turns to her and says, "Can I put it toward something for us? Like dinner?" Okay. No one talks like that. No one. It's making me cringe. The Three Hens in the corner smile their matronly smiles. This is all a sick joke, right? Superteen's going to fall. There's one Superman on television already. We don't need any more. He does a great job as both a superhero and a young man -- so shut up, Skip.

Client Room Where They Try To Plan Out The Pain. Tucker The Mighty Firebug sits behind the desk. Walsh and Gamble prepare him for trial. Tucker mutters, "D'Ambrosio gave me the key. That's how I got in." He takes a cigarette out of the package, holds it between his teeth, and says, "Match?" Helen doesn't bite. She says, "Go over it again." He pulls the smoke out of his mouth. Blah he bought furniture, blah his clients, blah menacing blah. Helen: "When did he give you the key?" Tucker responds, "You pushy bitch. Why don't you just let me tell the story?" Helen looks down at the table and pushes back the chair. She wants to talk with Walsh outside, now.

Walsh says she's personalizing the case. Helen thinks she's not personalizing anything. Tucker is "scum." Blah we don't get to choose witnesses, blah moral high ground, blah nosebleed blah. Helen argues, "The jury will hate him and they'll hate us for giving him a break." Walsh doesn't think they have a choice. Apparently, cutting a deal with Tucker gets them two convictions for the price of one. Walsh: "Without him D'Ambrosio walks." Helen sympathizes, "I'm not sure that's a bad thing." Oh, yeah, the mob connections. Blah done business with "at least" two crime families blah. Helen reminds Walsh that it was legitimate business; D'Ambrosio sold them furniture. Walsh: "And we think laundered money." D'Ambrosio sounds like a real bad-ass. Yawn. Walsh wants Helen to look him in the eye if she thinks D'Ambrosio is really innocent. She responds, "I'm not sure. I have concerns. You have gone too far before." Blah murder case, blah kicked, blah court found out, blah he lied blah. He slings some mud. She slings some mud. We all know what happened. There is tension in this relationship. Helen: "Sometimes in our eagerness to get the bad guy, we can lose our way." Oh, holy one of litigation. Please show me the way to righteousness. I am blind. I need you to see. Walsh responds, "I haven't lost my way, Helen. I'm still doing the job the public wants me to do. If anyone has lost their way, maybe it's you." Ahem! Hello! Yeah! Hey, it's me, in the background. Yeah. I've got some tips, if you want -- you two? Yeah, that's right, there's no "me" in "team" -- so let's take a break so you guys can regroup. Huh? Wait. Why are you walking away? Guys? Hello. Hello! Hello?

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