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Fire's burning, fire's burning

Suffering County Courthouse. Helen has a representative from the insurance company on the stand. He explains that D'Ambrosio increased his insurance a couple of weeks before the fire. After the fire, D'Ambrosio filed a claim for the whole amount. They did an investigation and discovered that D'Ambrosio's firm was losing money hand over fist. They had suspicions, which they forwarded to the D.A., hoping they'd look into the case further. Helen wants to know why they paid the claim anyway. Well, the law says that they have to, or else the insurance company is acting in bad faith. They would be liable for a heck of a lot more if they didn't pay the claim.

Jimmy is up for the cross-examination. He brings up the fact that, if the insurance company finds out that D'Ambrosio did in fact plan the fire, they get restitution. Which means? They get all their money back and then some. Insurance Man X thinks he's entitled, if D'Ambrosio committed fraud. Blah triple damages blah. According to the guy on the stand, the law requires that they report all suspicious fires. But I thought that, just a minute ago, we heard the fire department was investigating the fire, hours after it happened. You know, solvent-smelling dogs and such. Why doesn't this make any sense? Insurance Man X lectures on how expensive arson is for anyone involved. Jimmy makes some lame move to strike his comments, and the judge refuses. The Lump stands there looking uncomfortable...or disappointed in himself. It could go either way.

Client Room. Team D-Fence rallies for a minute. Rod thinks that things are even. D'Ambrosio says, "Which is good?" Rod responds, "Honestly. No." Pause. "Trials have a momentum. People make up their mind before closing. We wanted to create reasonable doubt with the jury before Tucker got on the stand." Jimmy tries to explain how the deal with the insurance really doesn't look good. D'Ambrosio explains that there's a recession. All kinds of people are hurting. Plus, every company has insurance. Rod throws his hands in the air. I wave mine like I just don't care. Because, you know, I don't care. Rod backs Jimmy up by saying, "He means for us to have any chance at all we've got to take Tucker out." D'Ambrosio takes a deep breath. He widens his eyes. Then he says, "Bobby. I want you to cross-examine Tucker." Jimmy insists that he's preparing for the testimony. D'Ambrosio steps forward. "Jimmy," he moans, "you're getting shelled in there. That Gamble, she scores every time she stands up." The Melody Of Mistakes wails. He continues, "I've got a right to call for relief. You're not doing the job." Jimmy doesn't think that's fair. D'Ambrosio doesn't care. They're going to put him away for murder. He continues his lament: "They're treating me like I'm public enemy number one, like I'm from the gutter, after I spent my whole life proving I'm as good as any of them." Any of whom? What the hell is he going on about? D'Ambrosio says he's got to be smart about how he handles the case. He wants the "Irishman" -- meaning Rod -- to cross-examine Tucker. Because the Irish have never been subject to discrimination. Uh-huh. Now that's some logic you've got going on, D'Ambrosio. Dude is seriously delusional about what the world owes him. Yawn.

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