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Even the jury objects

Helen gets up for her cross. Her first question is whether or not Darryl has any witnesses that might have seen him and Linda together at the park. He doesn't know. Did anyone ever see them together at her apartment? No. He shakes his head, and continues, "I always came over there late at night." Can Darryl prove anything about the relationship? Nope. Blah verify the story blah. Darryl: "I guess because of our different social places, or whatever you call it, you know, she just liked to keep it between us." Okay, up comes the music, so you know something dramatic with a capital "D" is coming. Helen walks over to the bench: "Mr. Johnson. This is your booking photo." She puts it in front of his face. "This is what you looked like the day after Linda McLaughlin was killed." Eugene objects; he wants to know the relevance. The judge overrules him. Darryl insists that he was upset the day the picture was taken. In the photo, Darryl is wearing one of those skin-tight caps made from nylon (I think). He is scowling, and has facial hair. But he doesn't look all that bad. Helen: "You were homeless. Filthy. Off your meds." Darryl yells, "I'm not crazy!" Helen: "Yet you expect us the jury to believe the victim fell in love with this." She shakes the picture. Talk about overkill, blah had sex with "this," blah invited "this" into her life, her apartment, and her bed. Nasty. And come on, you can't argue that Linda didn't love him because he needed a bath; there's no basis in fact other than his appearance, and that's not a real argument. Helen, we expect so much more from you -- um, not. Any. Way. Kittleson sustains Eugene's objection. Darryl responds, calmly, to Helen's badgering: "Linda was a beautiful person. She liked all kinds of people. She didn't care what they looked like." Okay. Helen's cross-examination would have worked much better if she'd asked Darryl some personal questions about Linda: What was her birthday? Where did she go to school? What was her favourite food, colour, book, record, or actor? That sort of thing. She didn't need to head down the "oh, you look like a bad-ass criminal" road.

Helen's Office. Walsh insists that they need to call "that Collins' girl." Helen thinks it could backfire with the jury. Walsh: "If we try and be P.C. here we lose. Collins refutes what Johnson just testified to." Blah she's all we have blah. They have to show there was never a relationship, period. Helen: "You know Eugene's ready for her." Walsh doesn't think they have a choice, and orders Helen to call her to the stand.

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