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Even the jury objects

Suffering County Courthouse. Helen introduces her case to the jury. She says that Linda McLaughlin was the first person in her family to go to college. Then she points to the girl's parents, who are sitting in the front row of the gallery. Blah the evidence will show, blah campus grocery store, blah accosted by Darryl, blah homeless blah. According to Helen, Darryl followed Linda home and then beat her to death. Helen says point-blank, "After we prove it. I'll ask you to find Darryl Johnson guilty of murder in the first degree." Her bony-ass legs struggle to get her back to her table before they collapse under the weight of her severe navy blue "working" suit. Pause. Pause. Then, frustrated with the waiting, Kittleson calls on Eugene, who hesitates for quite some time before beginning his own opening statements. Kittleson says, "Mr. Young," again. Eugene says, blandly, "The evidence will not establish that Darryl Johnson committed this crime. The evidence will show that the police arrested Darryl Johnson simply because he fit the profile of the type of person who would commit this particular crime." Then, just like that, Eugene sits back down. Helen gives him a funny look. Walsh gives him a funny look. Hell, even his client gives him a funny look because, well, Eugene is acting kind of funny.

The Offices of the FBI. You know, I was kind of hoping that The Practice would take a cue from Smallville and use the set of The X-Files or something interesting for these scenes. Instead, we've got cookie-cutter offices with lots of faux-FBI stuff strewn about, and a whirling dervish of people looking faux-busy. Rebecca stands in the centre of the hurricane, waiting. A man comes rushing past her and sort of half-introduces himself as Special Agent Charles Renford. He apologizes for keeping her waiting. She says that's okay, because she "imagines [they] are pretty busy right now." The Special Agent asks what he can do for Rebecca. She holds out a piece of paper while the two walk toward an office. Rebecca says she's looking for two agents that were involved in the Bill Habib case. The Special Agent glances quickly at the paper Rebecca hands him, and offhandedly mentions that those two agents were "pulled onto foreign detail and are not available." Rebecca takes it all in stride, and asks if The Special Agent can help her. Well, he's afraid he can't. Then The Special Agent looks away, but Rebecca's keen sense of intuition knows something funny is going on, as she asks, "Is that because you don't know or you won't say?" He does little to respond except for taking off his glasses. Rebecca continues, "Agent Renford, I am formally requesting you let me see my client." He puts his glasses back on. Maybe he thought he'd be invisible when he took them off, and when Rebecca just kept on talking, he gave up and decided to let the world see him in all his glory. Yawn. The Special Agent repeats, "I'm afraid you can't." Rebecca: "What do you mean? I'm his lawyer?" Nope, he's still not biting. She tries another tactic: "Are you aware of the concept of due process?" The Special Agent's response: a cold, blank stare. Walk into walls much these days, Rebecca?

Back at The Firm, Rebecca counsels with Emperor Rod. He tells her to first find out where he's being held by calling the Bureau of Prisons. Yup. She's already tried that, along with calling the State Board of Corrections, Suffolk County Jail, Middlesex -- "nobody knows a thing." Rod says, "Call the INS, they can hold someone indefinitely even if there's a hint of an immigration problem." Ha! Rebecca tells Rod that Habib is a U.S. citizen; in fact, he has been for twenty years. Rod shakes his head in response; he thinks Rebecca should still call the INS. Blah they can get up to anything nowadays blah. What about the first lawyer? Rebecca replies, "He won't talk to me. He says he's been ordered not to." Very puzzling indeed -- at least, that's what Jimmy's thinking as his ears perk up like a puppy awaiting a walk. Rod wants to know who told the lawyer he couldn't talk. Again, Rebecca hasn't got any idea. Rod swooshes the air with his left hand. He's an ad for Nike this episode. Blah if the Feds took him, blah they've still got him, blah make them produce his body, blah file a federal habeas blah. Rebecca nods. Oh, wise sage Rod, blah yawn blah.

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