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Even the jury objects

One of my favourite quotes is Ali's "Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee." And I know that's probably not all of the quote, and it's probably not entirely correct in the film, but I don't even mind when the words come out of Will Smith's mouth. Honest.

The Firm. Rebecca is consulting with Emperor Rod about her meeting with the Feds. She's astounded that she needs a security clearance to see her own client. Blah she's never met him, blah she doesn't know why he was arrested blah. Lucy, in a moment of infinite wisdom, says, "Rebecca. These are different times." Rebecca snarks, "Thank you, Lucy." Heh. Okay. Why do they have their meetings in the middle of the office where Lucy can hear them if they don't want to know what she thinks? Rod has an office. There is a conference room. There are plenty of places someone can go to get a little privacy. Rod asks, "So what happened next?" If Rebecca gets the clearance, she hopes to see Habib tomorrow. Dr. Ford comes through the front door. She looks freaked out, or at the very least expectant of some news about her husband. Without a perfunctory greeting, Rebecca launches right in by saying, "I haven't found him yet." Blah off to federal court, blah persuade a judge, blah location of Habib blah. Rebecca: "Sarah, is it possible your husband is involved in something?" Dr. Ford responds bluntly, "No. Rebecca that's not possible." Blah as her lawyer, blah had to ask, blah music blah. Sarah seethes, "Right. We wouldn't want you committing malpractice." Rebecca looks down at her shoes. At least when the cops on Law & Order ask nasty, invasive questions, they have the courage to suffer through the abuse. Rebecca just cowers like she's ashamed of herself.

Suffering County Courthouse. A detective who is not Mike is on the stand. This week's version of DNM is surly-looking and has a very thick neck. Again we are treated to the DEK special -- nay, patented -- middle-of-the-sentence scene start, as the detective says, "Numerous skull fractures. Massive and fatal head trauma." Helen wants to know what caused the injuries. A table lamp. They found blood and pieces of her scalp on it, so they determined it the murder weapon. Blah fingerprints blah, blah defendant's blah, blah both the lamp and the victim blah. The evidence is stacked against poor Darryl, because they also found semen after doing a rape kit, and then they did a DNA test, which also matched to him. Helen is pleased. She says thank you and sits back down. Darryl winds his one of his hands around the other, twisting them like liquid in a blender, and then squeezes. Mrs. McLaughlin looks sad -- very, very sad. Mr. McLaughlin looks angry -- very, very angry. Ragdoll looks tired -- very, very tired. They've super-imposed her into the gallery of the courthouse. So she can have a first-hand experience. Only she'd rather be eating a sandwich. Really.

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