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Even the jury objects

Helen's Aquarium. Kenny Walsh swims in for a visit. He thinks Eugene is trying the hang the jury. Ragdoll says, "Duh." Then she yawns. And stretches. Take a nap. Yawns some more. Thinks about candy canes. And realizes that people are talking and she's not typing. Right. Moving on, Helen wonders if she should call her own witnesses. She's afraid that the more she attacks Eugene's defense, the more credible it appears. Walsh: "If you do nothing it seems like you're conceding." Walsh seethes. He says that Eugene has made this trial about race because he's got nothing else. But what he does have, according to Walsh, are four black jury members. "Oh, please!" But wait, Walsh is on a rant: "And he's black!" Blah they can't rule out the possibility race is an issue blah. There is a quiet knock on Helen's door. Eugene pokes his head in and asks if Helen has "got a second." The air in the room is cold. He snaps, "Don't look at me like I'm having fun." Blah moral overload, blah have you looked at the crime scene photos blah. Yes, he's seen them. Then he wants some sympathy because this is a court-appointed defense. Helen: "Ah, come on. Spare me the 'just doing my job' crap. Good lawyers manage without going racial." Eugene stands tall: "My client instructed me to put on a defense." Helen asks, "That defense?" Eugene answers, "As a matter of fact, yes." Then he tells Helen that Darryl is going to testify. Helen believes that Eugene will be suborning perjury. Well, only if he knows Darryl is lying, which he doesn't: "He says he's innocent, Helen." Then Eugene tells Helen he thinks that they should plead this case out, or at the very least that she should tell the parents not to be in the room tomorrow. Helen: "Is that a threat?" No, it would be unethical for him to make a threat, now wouldn't it, Helen? Blah she won't be blackmailed into a plea blah. And Eugene leaves to go dry off, because it was really wet in Helen's Aquarium.

The Next Day. Helen's Aquarium has finally dried up. The McLaughlins are there. She explains how difficult today's testimony is going to be. For "their own emotional welfare," she suggests they stay out of the room. But of course it's better if they are in court, for the jury's sake. Helen: "He'll look more like a monster saying the things he'll say with the parents present." Mr. McLaughlin steps forward: "He's going to attack my daughter, is that how it works?" Yawn, like the secretary last week, Mr. McLaughlin also falls into the "never seen an episode of Law & Order" category. Yeah, right. He starts to pace around the room. Then he smarts, "We'll be there! We'll be there!" Mrs. McLaughlin looks meek. Helen tells him he's got to stay under control, though. Helen: "My opinion is this lawyer would love a mistrial and if you just up in there -- you'll give it to them." He clenches his teeth and says, "Fine." Only he's not fine. We all know he's not fine. Because, well, he's not fine.

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