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Outside, Where The World Is Free Of Pain. Helen and Greg escape the media circus, which has magically disappeared. I guess they don't care about people leaving the courtroom, only entering it. That, or DEK's budget could only afford the extras for that one scene. Helen: "Did you see where Bobby went?" Greg: "No, I didn't notice where he went." Yeah, I guess the smoking and smoldering Rod snuck out of the courtroom after that colossal burn. Ah, he just can't hold his head up high anymore, can he? Pause. Walk. Pause. He continues, "Ah, be honest, in the end, it's worth all the trouble, don't you think?" Helen's arms are crossed. She's trying to hide the growling in her stomach. She says, "What are you talking about?" Greg's gleeful: "We got him!" Helen: "Got him? You haven't gone to trial." Well, they probably won't go to trial. Most likely Fleming will plead and resign from the bench and serve three years. "Look," Helen reminds him, "Anderson just hung Bobby out to dry in there. If you plead this out, you'll give everyone the impression the Feds can't build a case on Bobby's testimony." Greg admits that they probably can't. Why did they involve Bobby in the first place? No matter what the cost, Rod was their best bet at making the "sting" successful. The clerk's not talking. They have limited resources. He just wants Fleming off the bench. Helen wants to talk to Fleming. She thinks there's got to be more there. Because this can't end with Bobby's reputation being dragged through the mud. Oh, but why can't it? Huh? Why not?

Fancy Client Room Holding Fleming's Pain. Helen, Fleming, Anderson, and Mitchell are sitting around a large conference room. I guess the judge made bail. Snerk. He wasn't in the system for long. Anderson doesn't know what they're doing there. Helen tries to lead the judge into thinking he's not the real objective in the "sting." According to Slim Jan over there, the Feds are "simply looking for a way in." They want to know how many were involved. Fleming says there was no scheme. She tells him that if he rats out the other lawyers who were involved, the D.O.J. will make him "a reasonable offer." Anderson wants to go to trial. There's a knock at the door. Blah Donnell-bashing, blah can't win with just him blah. Greg asks for another minute. There is an awkward pause. Oh, don't worry; the music fills it right up. Oh, damn, in walks the clerk. It looks like he's turned. He whines, "I'm so sorry." The drums bang. The violins quiver. Anderson says, "Get him out of here!" Fleming stares off into space, not saying a word. The lawyer wants to "consult" with his client.

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