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Judge Thyself

Helen's Office Where They Complain Of Stinging Pain. Rod is incensed. He screams, "The man cut me off before I could even get close to a bribe." His hands flail about like a moth near a flame. Helen and Greg stand there, watching. Rod: "He berated me for having an ex parte discussion." Greg insists that the judge is testing the Emperor. Bobby doesn't buy it. Helen: "This is a mistake. This man has done nothing improper in this case." Blah rulings, blah legitimate explanation blah. In the middle of Greg's halfhearted attempt to rally the troops to carry on with the "sting," Rod rips the wire from his chest and throws the contraption onto Helen's desk, screaming, "I'm getting out." He points the wire at Helen: "And you should do the same." Greg cries, "Bobby! It's not that simple." Ragdoll rolls her eyes because she's seen The Sopranos, where it takes months to set up these so-called "sting" operations. Men working undercover are careful. They don't set up a fake trial, bully a defense attorney and a D.A. into participating, and expect it all to go down before they head home for chicken and mashed potatoes. I'm dying for a little reality over here. I'm drowning in a DEK-spawned world of falsity. Rod steps forward; he wants to get in Greg's face. You can feel the wave of hot air all the way over here in Toronto. "No. It's very simple. As soon as Fleming takes the bench, Helen will announce that a deal has been made and the case will be been dismissed." Greg doesn't take his orders too kindly. He raises his voice an octave or two to meet the Emperor's: "Nobody is announcing anything." Rod: "If you don't do it, I'll do it for you." Greg: "I cannot allow that, Bobby." Rod: "You son-of-a-bitch." Ouch. We're resorting to name-calling. That's certainly not a good sign. Blah disregard for what we do around here, blah day in day out, blah ink in the press, blah bang for your buck, blah high profile, blah bastard blah. Okay, I added the "bastard" part. Bobby makes some patronizing remark about how we'll all sleep better (not) knowing Greg's on the job. Greg yells, "Judge Fleming is the most important and influential jurist in your district. He's supposed to stand for all that is right, and he's a crook!" Bobby doesn't know that for sure, and he won't help them entrap an innocent judge. Helen? Oh, yeah, she's still in the scene. She's just watching the two of them go at it like dogs in a fight from Amores Perros. Half-cheering, half-sulking, and half-surprised to see them get so angry at one another. ["Great movie. Gael García Bernal is really cute. Anyway, enough about plausible plots; back to The Practice." -- Sars] Bobby grabs his coat. He listens to Greg threaten him, blah major repercussions, blah jeopardize the investigation blah. Then Bobby gives him a cold fish stare: "I suggest you make this case go away quietly, because I am done." Slam!

Ding! The elevator bell goes off just outside Helen's office as we see the Emperor walk down the hall. A tubby, balding fellow calls out, "Mr. Donnell!" He introduces himself as Walter Cates, Judge Fleming's clerk. Because Bobby et al. are such big fans/friends with Judge Fleming that they don't even recognize his freaking clerk. Ah, gratuitous characters with useless scenes. Apparently, Judge Fleming would like to see Bobby right now. Bobby tries to tell the clerk that it's not a good time. Walter insists. It's now. It's not later. It's now. Bobby says, "Of course," and presumably follows Walter down the hallowed halls.

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