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Judge Thyself

Park Of Unknown Pain. Bobby walks and talks on his own sting phone. "Walter?" Pace. "Bobby Donnell." Pace. "I'm approaching the building." Pace. Pace. "Are we clear?" Pace. Pace. "Hello?" Pace. "Good." The Walk-By Drop-Off Waltz serenades Bobby as he puts some change in a newspaper box, takes out the paper, puts the money inside, and returns the paper to the box. Oh, it's all so secretive. Helen and Greg are watching from a coffee shop across the street. FBI Agent X is filming the whole thing. Walter saunters over to the box. Inside the coffee shop, Helen asks, "What's he waiting for?" Greg mumbles something almost incomprehensible, and FBI Agent X says, "This guy's killing me." Yeah, maybe a minute has elapsed. Because we can't go on without some sort of unnecessary tension, as Walter makes his way for the box, another man tries to take the paper with the money in it. Greg talks into his sting-talkie: "Get that old man out of there." As if a couple of Feds rushing toward an old man wouldn't tip Walter off to the fact that this is a set-up? Yeah, okay. It doesn't matter anyway, because Walter and the old man struggle for the paper, but the clerk ends up with the cash. Oh. The. Tension. Yawn.

Suffering County Courthouse. Blah all rise blah. Judge Fleming comes into the courtroom. The judge makes some comment about how they all "meet again." Helen bounds up and tells him that she's willing to forgo her opening statement and start with her first witness. Judge Fleming tells her its unnecessary. Blah over lunch, blah sink his teeth, blah the issues, blah defendant's motion, blah fact and law, blah moot. Lindsay and Jimmy are in the gallery. For no apparent reason -- none at all. Fleming's prepared to rule: "After extended consideration of the testimony and applicable case law, it is my conclusion that the state's procurement of the narcotics resulted from a search that improperly exceeded the parameters of the Fourth Amendment." Cheers to Bruce McGill for getting that sentence out -- and with the panache that only he can seem to muster on this show. In fact, McGill has more personality in this one guest appearance than we see in all of the regulars over the course of an entire season. But that's nothing new. Oh, surprise, surprise -- he grants Bobby's motion to suppress the evidence. Immediately, Rod asks that the judge dismiss the charges. Blah Ms. Gamble, blah no way around it, blah show for the bench blah. She stands and places her objection on the record. Judge Fleming pauses. He suspects something, doesn't he? Pause. Pause. Does he? No, he doesn't! Bang goes the gavel. Out whips the sting phone. Greg says, "Okay! Let's go!" And in comes FBI Agent X to arrest the judge for a myriad of charges. The judge barks, blah no authority, blah his courtroom blah. Oh, and then FBI Agent X reads the judge his rights -- how ironic! The judge is judged. The judge is subject to the same laws as everyone else! Yeah. Um. Yawn.

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