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Love will keep us together

The Hospital Where They Diagnose Rare Forms Of Pain. Ah. The fake baby! Please, put it out of its misery already. Again, Helen is there with Baby M. and Mother Gosse. Because the freaking D.A. is so close to you and your family, you need her by your side. Blah Helen took her grandmother off life support, blah she's regretted it ever since blah. Blah platitudes blah. Helen gives Kelly advice, blah this case, blah Dr. Taylor, blah almost cost her the baby and the marriage blah. Helen is giving relationship advice? Oh my Lord, that is the scariest thing I've ever seen -- they just showed a close-up of the baby's blue-green face, and the child looks like that thing coming out of that guy's stomach in Alien. It's that creepy. Helen smiles, and then she leaves Kelly Gosse alone with her thoughts and her sick baby. On the way out, Helen runs into Father Gosse, and she says, "Good luck, Mr. Gosse." He silently walks past her into the intensive care unit where his wife and daughter are. They slowly take each other's hands. Ah, all is well in the land of Rod. Helen and Eugene walk away, and we fade to black.

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