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The credits. Okay. I have the stomach flu. It's been a rough couple of months for me. Now, I would keep the stomach flu, including the ups and downs of trying to put anything other than soda crackers in my stomach, if it meant NEVER having to hear the credits again. Oh, and Hunky D.A. is still Hunky M.I.A.

Hellenor's. As Ellenor is about to rush out the door, Helen scrambles up behind her, tying her bathrobe as she pads around in her bare feet. She's the size of a safety pin. I can almost see right through her. Helen tells her roommate, whose baby must a) still be asleep in the closet or b) has mysteriously disappeared to "daycare" already, that she had to assign Mitchell Wheeler to an assault case Ellenor is working on. Ellenor whines, "Helen! Do I have to remind you that he offered my client a reduced sentence for a look at my breasts?" Helen, whose lips are looking mysteriously puffy, says, "I know. And Judge Kittleson said the two of you shouldn't be trying cases together." Pause. She slaps her hands together. "But I don't have a choice." Ellenor is exasperated: "Obviously. I don't have a choice." Helen promises that if Mitchell makes one false move, she's going to "severely reprimand" him. Whoa. I'll bet Mitchell's shaking in his boots over that one. Scary. Can't you just see Helen with a whip and some hard-edged discipline? He'd probably enjoy it. Yawn. Ellenor: "I'm sure he'd like that if a spanking was part of the bargain." My thoughts exactly! Helen looks at her roommate from under her thick wedge of bangs. Ellenor slams open the door and leaves, without her baby. Seriously. Where is the kid?

The Firm. Eugene is sitting in the conference room. Father Gosse is pacing around in front of him. The table is littered with files. Eugene says, "What matters is what the jury thinks. And trust me, they can't see the face I'm seeing now." Father Gosse is still pacing. Eugene tells him to try to relax. The man can't believe the judge is keeping him from seeing his own daughter. Eugene: "We're doing all we can, but really, this is just a beginning." Blah yesterday was worth a shot, blah the court didn't budge, blah your wife, blah disconnect Mary Beth's life support, blah. Father Gosse leans in toward Eugene: "Kelly won't disconnect the life support." Eugene pushes a piece of paper toward Father Gosse. Apparently, Kelly Gosse is testifying against him. Eugene insists that they have to cross-examine her. Father Gosse doesn't like this idea at all: "No! She's been through hell already and I don't want her going through any more." Eugene: "Try to understand --" Tom: "I said no, dammit!" The Waltz Of The Wavering Tempers begins. Eugene stands up and says, "You and I don't know what your wife will say when she gets up there. And right now, you're the one on trial." Pause. "The only other person that could have put your baby in the hospital is Kelly." Eugene continues, "It's either you or her." Tom fiddles about; he throws himself from side to side, and then says, "I need to go for a walk." Eugene steps in front of him and says, "Listen, Tom --" Only Tom is not listening. He's throwing Eugene against the wall, screaming, "Get out of my way." That's right. Throwing Eugene, the biggest guy in the firm, the legal linebacker, against the wall. Of course, we have to see this "threat of violence," just so that we don't know if Father Tom is really guilty or not. Rebecca and Jimmy hear Eugene thump against the conference room door. They look knowingly at one another. Jimmy gets up, sort of. Eugene throws Father Tom off of him and gives him a don't-you-ever-touch-me-again stare as he opens the door for his client. Father Tom tries to stutter out an apology, but Eugene's not buying it. He says, "Go for that walk. And I don't want to see you until you've calmed down." Because now, we know that Father Tom is a dangerous man with a capital "D." Yawn.

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