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Suffering County Courthouse. Mitchell Wheeler is already in the courtroom when Ellenor arrives. He says, "Good morning, Ellenor." She says, "Don't talk to me," as she brushes right by him with light speed.

Whoosh. We're mid-trial now. Ms. Kim is on the stand. Mitchell asks, "What do you do in the cosmetics department? What's your job?" Ms. Kim responds that she offers samples of perfume. The woman is wearing a powder blue suit. She's a light cloud in the dull gray costume hell that is The Practice. Mitchell continues, "How do you offer those samples?" Ms. Kim holds up her hands as if she was holding a perfume bottle, and says, "With just a small spray." Ellenor's client, Ms. Macintosh, pipes up, "That's not how she doused me." Mitchell wants her to demonstrate. He walks over and hands her a bottle of perfume with one of those puffy things attached. You know, the things that look like blood pressure pumpers. Ms. Kim squirts a "small spray" from the bottle. Ellenor rolls her eyes. Mitchell: "When you offered the defendant a sample, what happened?" Ms. Kim replies, "She became angry. She told me to back off. Then she knocked the bottle from my hand." I hate the perfume spritzers, myself. Blah the bottle crashed to the floor, blah glass went everywhere, blah she needed four stitches in her ankle blah. Mitchell asks her to indicate who threatened her; Ms. Kim points to Ellenor's defendant.

Ellenor asks Ms. Kim to step down off the witness stand. With the judge's permission, Ellenor wants her client to step forward. Ellenor: "Perhaps, by re-enacting what happened, the jury would have a better sense of what went on that day." Mitchell exclaims that the defendant hasn't even testified yet, and this will only serve to confuse the jury. Ellenor argues, "I'm only asking that the court extend the same courtesy to my client in so far as a demonstration goes." Ellenor's client looks like a poor man's Lolita Davidovich. Before she became the poor man's Lena Olin after Chocolat, of course. Anyway. Ms. Macintosh is wearing a sweater that sits off both shoulders, very sexy for the first day in court. Ellenor hands the perfume bottle to Ms. Kim and says, "Your testimony was that my client approached, and for no apparent reason she became belligerent." Instantly, Ms. Kim squirts the perfume into Ms. Macintosh's eyes. The two grab on to each other's hair and start screaming, "Ah! Ouh! Eough! Ah!" Then they throw each other onto the prosecutor's desk, arms still entwined in each other's hair. Judge Fulton is screaming, "Order in the court!" Mitchell is stunned. The court guard pulls the two women apart. Ms. Macintosh lands in Ellenor's arms while Ms. Kim scratches at the air like a tiger. Both Mitchell and Ellenor look stunned. Whew. A catfight. What any good episode of a Sunday-night drama needs.

Suffering County Courthouse Where They Investigate Baby M.'s Pain. Helen has the paramedic on the stand. He says, "My partner and me, we got a call from dispatch of a baby in distress." When they got to the apartment, they rang the bell and knocked on the door. Helen: "Did the defendant respond?" Yes. In fact, Father Gosse told the paramedics that he couldn't wake the baby from her nap, and that he was afraid she wasn't even alive. "How would you describe Mr. Gosse's demeanor at the time?" Ambulance Driver X says that he wasn't as upset as one would think. Eugene objects. Freeman sustains the objection. He then instructs Ambulance Driver X to tell the jury how the defendant "appeared." The man explains that Father Gosse was quiet and detached. Helen: "What did you do next?" Well, they were directed to the bedroom, where they found the infant lying face-up in the crib. Baby M. wasn't breathing, and she appeared cyanotic. The baby was "bluish," meaning that she had been without oxygen for some time. Helen: "But her heart was beating?" Yes. Ambulance Driver X's partner found a faint pulse. Was there anyone else in the apartment? No. Just Father Gosse and Baby M.

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