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Eugene is up for cross-examination. "Tom Gosse called 911, correct?" Ambulance Driver X says yes. Eugene replies, "Well, obviously, he cares about his daughter then." Helen objects. The judge overrules. According to Ambulance Driver X, it "didn't seem like he cared." Because Ambulance Driver X is a Care Specialist, he knows about health and he knows about caring. Eugene: "Are you telling me in all the time you've been an E.M.T. you've never witnessed anyone react the way Mr. Gosse reacted?" Ambulance Driver X says, "If my baby stopped breathing --" Eugene interrupts, "But this wasn't your baby. Isn't it possible that believing his daughter was dead, my client was in shock?" Well, yeah, Ambulance Driver X will agree that he could have been in shock. "Were there any signs of bruising?" Ambulance Driver X is taken aback. No. "Were there any signs of abuse whatsoever?" Blah emergency response, blah there to save a life, blah impossible for him to notice everything blah. Eugene: "That's exactly my point." Eugene wipes his hands clean of this witness.

Helen calls Dr. Daniel Taylor, a pediatric care specialist at Boston General. This witness causes Father Gosse to make a meal out of his fist. Because he's so "guilty." Come on, Father Gosse! Have you never heard of The Plot Twist? Your character will be set free by the limited recesses of DEK's imagination. Pause. Skip forward about fifteen minutes. The doctor is now on the stand. He says, "I've been at Boston General for twenty-two years, chief of pediatrics for twelve." Helen asks if he was involved in Baby M.'s care. The doctor says he was, right from the beginning, because she was born six weeks premature. Helen: "Did she suffer any complications because of her premature birth?" Blah she had underdeveloped systems, blah neurological, blah respiratory, and blah. Despite these problems, Dr. Taylor expected Baby M. to mature into a normal, healthy child. Helen: "How many times did Baby M. visit your office?" Well, over eight months, about sixteen times. Sounds like a regular couple of months for me. This year alone it's been bronchitis, then pneumonia, now stomach flu. Bah. Okay, I'll stop feeling sorry for myself now. "Who would bring her?" Mr. Gosse. Dr. Taylor continues, "In about the third month, I started seeing indications that something was wrong." Pause. On one visit, he noticed that the baby's left leg was bruised. Father Gosse thought his daughter might have rolled against her crib, which is a logical explanation. Helen: "Was there a second incident?" Immediately, Eugene calls a sidebar. Freeman mumbles, "Quickly."

The two lawyers rush up to the bench. Eugene whispers, "We've been over this in pre-trial. She can't bring up the prior bruising. There's no evidence linking them to my client, and it's prejudicial." Not to mention boring. I'm having enough trouble trying to stay awake while taking this damn Gravol. That stuff is heavy. I shouldn't even be operating machinery like this keyboard. Yawn. No, really -- yawn. Helen tosses "expert witness" into the mix. Eugene's not buying it. She's got no proof. Blah, bickering, blah. The judge permits the line of questioning. Eugene says, "That's crap and you know it." The Symphony Of Sucker Punches starts. The judge scolds our hero, tells him to "get a grip," and mentions that Eugene had better check his animosity for the judge at the door because it's not doing Father Gosse any good. This judge is so boring, though. It's like he's memorized his lines as though they were a rote test, something to mutter through just to get to lunch. Well, after that turn of events, the judge wants to take a recess. He's got to learn his lines for the second half of the episode.

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