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Suffering County Courthouse Where They Argue After Recessing The Pain. Dr. Taylor is still on the stand. Helen: "So, Doctor, it was your phone call to social services that resulted in the defendant's arrest?" Yes. There was a second incident with a more pronounced set of bruises. Helen asks, "What did the defendant say?" Dr. Taylor responds, "He made no explanation. That concerned me." Pause. He made a notation in the file, and told Father Gosse that he wanted to see Baby M. after one week instead of the usual two. He continues, "Unfortunately, that appointment was never kept." Blah Baby M. rushed to the hospital, blah before the day, blah notified, blah emergency room, blah this child had nearly been murdered blah. Eugene objects. This time, the judge is on his side and sustains the objection. Freeman tells Dr. Taylor to stay within his observations, and not to draw conclusions. Because, of course, the doctor is not at all biased in this situation. Father Gosse is sweating. He does a lot of that in this episode. There's always a line of moisture across his upper lip. It's kind of creepy. So Dr. Taylor continues, "We did a C.T. scan which showed severe swelling of the brain. The kind of swelling we'd expect when a child is shaken violently." Mrs. Gosse looks down at her knees. I'm fighting to stay awake. Blah. "In addition, Baby M.'s arms were bruised, consistent with being held tightly in that area." Dr. Taylor holds his arms up to demonstrate. "But most telling was the bilateral retinal hemorrhaging." Helen steps forward: "What would cause the hemorrhaging?" Blah infant, blah aggressively, blah shaking blah. Dr. Taylor insists, "The force of such movement is more than enough to cause injury." The doctor's medical opinion is that the baby was shaken, almost to death. Because Father Gosse is a violent, violent man, and we just can't wait until he gets nailed to the cross -- cross-examination, that is. Helen: "Is there any way to determine when the incident might have occurred?" The doctor admits that there is not, "with any precision." Of course, he does have an opinion, though: "Based on my experience it's my opinion that this occurred no more than twelve hours prior to Baby M.'s arrival at the hospital." Helen wonders if he mentioned this fact to Father Gosse. Yes, Dr. Taylor did, but he was surprised when Tom Gosse said it was impossible, because the baby hadn't been out of his sight all day. Dr. Taylor gives a knowing nod to the jury. Helen looks pleased with herself. Because all of The Firm's clients are scum.

Eugene buttons his jacket and gets up, saying, "Dr. Taylor, isn't it possible that this child's injuries occurred a full seventy-two hours prior to her arrival at the hospital?" Blah unlikely, blah is it possible, blah same freaking cross-examination blah. Eugene: "Shaken Baby Syndrome can manifest itself up to three full days after the baby's been shaken, correct?" Blah extremely rare blah. Eugene insists that doctor has no idea who might have handled the baby in the three days prior to the crisis. Eugene: "You claimed you saw bruising on the child's leg, and even more pronounced bruising on subsequent visits." Man, this doctor is smug -- blah noted on her chart, blah I'm so great, blah look at how high and mighty I am blah. Why didn't he notify social services prior to Emergency Day? Well, the doctor wishes to God that he had. Of course he does. Eugene reminds Smug Ninny that he can't be anymore sure now about the alleged abuse than he was when he first noticed the bruising. The doctor is convinced that Baby M. was shaken. There is no doubt in his mind. Eugene: "And you know that because you saw the swelling of the brain and the retinal hemorrhaging." That's correct. Blah medical testimony, blah boring blah. The lawyer asks if the baby couldn't have had an aneurysm. The doctor insists that he would have seen an aneurysm on the C.T. scan. Holy cow. Why are they dragging this out for so very, very long? An aneurysm couldn't have caused the retinal hemorrhaging. Eugene blah reasonable doubt, blah father in shock, blah loving father, blah lifted the baby, blah revived her, blah produced the hemorrhaging blah. Eugene: "You don't know when this happened to a medical certainty. And you don't know who is responsible." Does that mean that this line of questioning is over? Has Eugene sufficiently "gotten" this witness? You know, I kind of miss the Emperor. We don't have half as much to make fun of when Eugene is around. Eugene: "This could have been an accident." The doctor insists that it's no accident. The lawyer turns around and accuses Mother Gosse. Father Gosse shoots up and testifies, "Kelly would never hurt our daughter!" Rebecca looks shocked. Perhaps because she still has no lines. Perhaps because she's used as decoration. Perhaps because Father Gosse is spitting on her head. He continues, "I told them you had nothing to do with this!" The judge screams for Father Gosse to sit down. "We love our daughter! Why won't you believe me?" Rebecca tells him to sit down. Kelly Gosse runs out of the courtroom as if her hair were on fire. Eugene just looks defeated. Man, why can they never control their clients?

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