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Ah. Scary baby alert. Please, let some sort of article confirm that they use silicon bodies for these scenes like they do over on Six Feet Under. Because that's one scary-looking baby. And it's not the fact that she's in an incubator with all kinds of tubes attached to her -- no, it's because this kid is uglier than Scully's baby, and that's saying a lot. ["Rex the Wonder Preemie rides again!" -- Sars] Mother Gosse is looking intently upon the child. How can she concentrate? Honestly? Helen creeps up behind her. She's wearing a hospital gown. Of course, the D.A.s always visit their clients in the hospital. Blah. Helen: "Is there anything I can do to help?" Mother Gosse wants some company. Kelly: "I keep hearing Dr. Taylor, about how Mary Beth will never talk, or walk. Is that a life?" Helen says, "You can't blame yourself for your daughter being in a coma." Kelly doesn't know what to do. She doesn't know if she should take the baby off the respirator. She wants to talk to her husband. Helen says, "You can't. There's a restraining order." Oh! Machines start beeping like crazy. The women look at one another. The scary fake baby starts convulsing. Which makes it look even scarier. Kelly screams, "What's happening" The fake baby's face is all puffy. The thing doesn't even look real, for heaven's sake. Kelly keeps on screaming, "What's happening?" Doctors and nurses crowd around with their various instruments. More things bleep. More screams are heard. Helen holds the woman tightly. Yawn.

Hellenor's. Mitchell Wheeler has taken off his coat. He's sitting on Ellenor's couch. The two of them must have finished their heart-to-heart. Ellenor has fallen asleep. He brushes his hand across her arm. They look longingly at one another. He leans in and kisses her. Of all the people on this show you would expect to get some, it's not Ellenor, so -- hurrah!

The next morning. Helen and her bangs are drinking a cup of coffee and reading the paper. She puts down her cup of coffee, and looks at the man clomping out of their apartment. Ellenor comes into the kitchen, holding an earring. Helen: "Wow. The most bizarre thing just happened. I thought I saw Mitchell Wheeler running out of here half-dressed." Ellenor admits to her roommate that it was Mitchell who just left. "I know what you're going to say." Helen says, "I don't know what I'm going to say." Heh. Ellenor's Nookie Sonata starts up. It's her time for confession. Blah she was in love with Mitchell all through college, blah they studied together, blah slept on each other's couches, blah he always had a trophy girlfriend, blah flirted with her all the time blah. "Last night, it was just about so many things, validation for all of those years that I loved him. He made me feel desirable, that something like this is possible for me." Helen looks like a shaggy dog that needs to be groomed under all that hair. It's a lot of hair. Ellenor continues, "Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing." Helen, actually being a good friend for once: "If it's what you wanted, I'm happy for you." Pause. "But Ellenor, after what he did to you." Pause. "It's none of my business." That's the tough-love part; it's a requisite aspect of Helen's friendship.

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