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The Firm Where They Explain About Fathers And Their Pain. Of course, Father Gosse is pacing like a maniac. Rebecca says, "Your wife was right there with her." Tom says, "Mary Beth? She's all right?" Rebecca insists that she's fine and that it was a small seizure. Gosse continues to pace. He wants to see his daughter. Dammit! It's not fair! He stamps his feet. He pounds his fists. The judge can't do that! Um, except that he can, and he did. Father Gosse: "I need to testify. I want to tell my side of what happened." Rebecca tries to reason with him: "You did damage in court yesterday. The jury won't forget that." Father Gosse thinks that's the very reason he should testify. Eugene: "Explain what? How you lose control with your wife? With me?" Tom looks uncomfortable. Eugene continues, "With your daughter." Father Gosse responds, "How can you say that?" Blah no one's going to believe him, blah it's his decision, blah the lawyer's advice; blah sit in the courtroom, blah keep quiet blah. Rebecca: "The D.A. is putting your wife on the stand today." Pause. She has to cross-examine her; come on, we can't get through an episode without a Plan B. Father Gosse: "No. You want to cross examine Kelly and suggest that the mother of my child is responsible for what happened." Rebecca: "Tom, did you hurt your baby?" Father Gosse shakes his head no. But he can't look Rebecca in the eye and tell her his wife didn't do it either. Rebecca: "Then you owe it to your child to let us try and find out the truth." Huh. The truth. What an odd concept. This show has never bothered with the truth before. Why is it starting now? Ah, I know. A higher power suggests it: The Plot Twist.

The Firm Where They Handle All Kinds Of Pre-School Pain. Lucy actually answers the phone. Of course, she's got a wireless headset that allows her to walk around the office. She wanders past Lindsay's desk, where the young Rod is seated. Ah, he's got food all over his face. Lucy tells Lindsay that the doctor from Boston General is returning her call. Lindsay, in between spooned mouthfuls, answers the phone. They make small talk about the baby. Ellenor walks into the office with her daughter. Apparently, there was a five-car crash on the highway, and the nanny can't make it into work. Rod comes out of his office just as Lucy is leaving for her half-day seminar for the rape crisis center. The Emperor makes some crack about who the heck is going to answer the phones. Like Lucy ever actually answers the freaking phone. Lindsay walks over to her husband and hands him the baby, then she tells Rod she's not going to be that long. "Ellenor, come on, we're going to Boston General." Bobby stutters, "Wait! Is something wrong?" Lindsay turns back around and tells the pair that she needs Ellenor's "bad cop" to her "good cop." Ellenor: "Why am I always the bad cop?" Ellenor hands her daughter off to Rod, who now has both babies in hand. He tries to protest, but it doesn't matter -- the women are out the door, leaving the man alone with the keys to his kingdom. Smirk.

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