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Slam. The Firm. Helen's still on with her "over-acting" theme. She tells Bobby off for the whole wedding-dress fiasco. He tries to get rid of her. She complains that there might not be another time to interfere. Word. Helen claims, "[Lindsay] is the greatest woman I know. She'll find somebody. Probably better than you." The Emperor scoffs, "Thank you." Helen continues, "But you're not going to find anyone better than her. You know it, and I know it." And ragdoll thinks there isn't a bag big enough to hold the economy-sized hurl coming from her stomach.

Courthouse. Rebecca, Eugene and Jan are waiting for the verdict. Jan whines. Then she rocks back and forth a couple of times, repeating, "Tell me something good, Rebecca. I need to hear something good." There is a knock at the door. Brianna appears. She takes a deep breath and apologizes: "I'm sorry I made you feel so alone." An oboe obliterates any sense of honest emotion this scene may have had. Jan asks if her sister remembers. Brianna doesn't know. But she does know she needs some help. There is quivering. There is moaning. Then there is a hunky guard saying the jury's back.

In the courtroom. A Drum Damns Child Molesters everywhere as the jury sets Jan Carlson free. The gallery erupts. Jan grabs hold of Rebecca and squeezes. DA Pratt looks very grumpy.

Bobby and Lindsay make up. Does any one care? No, I didn't think so. The Emperor loves his Empress. He wants to earn the right to go on loving her for the rest of his life. Yawn. She says he has to let her in. Yawn.

There is a commercial for Sears portraits. The female announcer says "halliday" instead of "holiday."

Boston Streets. There are police sirens, lights, and lots of officers as Eugene and Rebecca make their way over to DA Pratt, who is presiding over the scene. Eugene asks, "What happened?" DA Pratt replies, "They picked up some food for dinner. Came out of the restaurant. Walked over to the car, and she says she saw her father. And just gunned the accelerator. Ten people witnessed it." Rebecca is astounded -- Jan ran over her own sister. DA Pratt congratulates Team Jan: "You got her off. You couldn't have got her some help?" The music wails in the background of the busy scene. Brianna lies, dead, in front of the car, covered by a sheet. There is a glimpse of reality because some blood has seeped through the white cover. Rebecca walks over to the police cruiser and pokes her head in through the window. Jan is again rocking back and forth. Jan again can't remember what happened. Jan again says she saw him, then asks, "Is it really Bri?" Rebecca bites her lips, sighs, and confirms it. Jan wants to know if her sister's going to be okay. She's still rocking. Then comes the cruncher, as if you couldn't see this one coming from Japan: "Tell me something good, Rebecca. I need to hear something good." Because all crazy people rock back and forth, and all crazy people have these little phrases they mutter over and over and over and over and over again.

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