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The Firm. Ellenor pours herself a cup of coffee. You would think that's not a big deal. Except that Rebecca starts screaming at poor Ellenor, complaining about the cup being "the last cup," and accuses Ellenor of "tormenting her" before her trial. Ellenor takes offense to the "tormenting" argument. Eugene asks if "they're ready." Which, of course, they're not, because Rebecca's going to have a "caffeine headache because [Ellenor] just swooped in and chugged the pot." No wonder we don't see Rebecca anymore. She's a big baby. Goodness, it's not like you can't buy a cup of coffee in a hundred different places in Boston.

Bobby "Before The Empire" Donnell makes an astute observation as he calls a huffy Rebecca over: "You're nervous." She denies it. Bobby makes my exact point: "Rebecca. They sell coffee on the way to the courthouse. They sell coffee at the courthouse." Make a note of this, people. It is very rare that the Emperor Rod and I agree on anything. Rebecca doesn't think that actual coffee is the point. Bobby inquires, "What is the point?" Again, another good question. I don't even want to tell Bobby to shut up yet. It's a miracle. Rebecca screams at Eugene, "Ready." Then she clomps over to her desk, grabs her briefcase, stomps back toward Eugene, and mutters, "She swooped in and chugged it."

Courthouse. I hope Rebecca has finally gotten that cup of coffee she needed. Jan's sister Brianna is testifying. She looks like Lindsay Wagner. Well, a younger, slightly less pretty Lindsay Wagner. And I'll bet she's not bionic either. The DA is questioning Brianna about the events prior to her mother's death. She had picked her sister Jan up from the airport. They were going to their mother's to celebrate Jan's birthday. Everything was going fine: "Until the cake." Well, their mother, forgetting that Jan was allergic to coconut, bought a German chocolate cake. Oh, the horror. Jan and their mother started screaming at each other, and Brianna simply left. DA Pratt inquires, "What were they fighting about?" Other than the cake? Brianna replies, "Jan claims that my father sexually abused her for years. She thinks Mom knew and looked the other way." The DA leans in, asking if that fact is true. Rebecca objects due to insufficient foundation. I think I'd like to object to The Practice having an insufficient foundation for viable entertainment. Apparently, Brianna's either in denial or it didn't happen. She never saw her father abuse her sister, nor did she know that Jan claims he did until years after her father had actually died. The DA continues, "Did you ever see any evidence that supports your sister's contention that she had been sexually abused?" No. Brianna explained how she wouldn't be a part of the argument between her sister and her mother, left the house, and ended up crying in her car. A song called The Very Untimely Violin brazenly crashes into the scene. What happened next? Brianna heard screaming. She ran back into the house. Her sister was sitting there in a haze, and their mother was lying on the kitchen floor with the knife still in her. The violins swell. Brianna spits a bit in a pathetic attempt to squeak out a tear or two. Jan's wide-eyed as we cut over to Lindsay.

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