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DA Pratt begins his questioning. He lets the jury know that Jan has had a lot of medical troubles. In fact, she has lost two or three jobs due to various "phantom" injuries and ailments. Rebecca objects, stating there's no relevance to this line of questioning. Pratt argues, "It goes to pattern. Every time the defendant is held responsible for her behaviour, she develops a mysterious illness to blame." Rebecca objects again. He continues to argue: "Get fired from the job, blame thoracic outlet syndrome. Murder your mother in cold blood, it's post-traumatic stress disorder." Team Jan objects in unison. Judge Camp points his finger and sustains their objection. Then the DA brings it all home: Mrs. Carlson, Jan's mother, left an estate valued at more than $2.3 million. Yeah, there's some motive for you. Good job, Pratt.

The Elevator. Yes, that's right. We're in the elevator so that Eugene and Rebecca can take stock of their case. Here, DEK is showcasing his "knowledge" of abuse survivors. Oh, no, you would never accuse DEK of grandstanding, would you? Rebecca argues that Jan's medical troubles are consistent with her being molested as a child. She wants to recall Dr. Starger. Eugene wants to call Jan's pediatrician. Rebecca doesn't think that will help. As they leave the elevator and are walking down the hall, they run into Steven Hatfield, Brianna's ex-husband. He thinks Brianna is lying about not being abused. Oh, thank god, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for Team Jan.

There is a commercial for Boston Public. One of the teachers is smacked in the side of the head by a breast implant. Good to see some things never change. DEK has a talent for maintaining the lowest common denominator regardless of the profession in question. Way to go! There's nothing like a little deep-seated misogyny on three different prime-time television shows.

Courthouse. Steven Hatfield thinks Brianna is lying to herself and, by proxy, to her sister. They had a sexually frustrating marriage. And, eventually, "it got to the point where she wouldn't even let [him] touch her." Eventually, they filed for divorce. Eugene states that there could be many reasons why they filed for divorce. Steven doesn't disagree, "but she had this thing about being touched." Steven always thought it might be possible that Brianna had been the victim of some abuse.

The Firm. Brianna insists that her ex-husband is lying. Again, she insists that "it" never happened. Jan asks, "Brianna? Did it?" Her sister raises her voice: "No. Jan. He's lying." The sisters bicker. Brianna insists that this is Steven blaming her for their marriage falling apart and nothing more. You can tell that no one is actually convinced.

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