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Helen's questioning a detective about what they found when they arrived at the Oz estate. He indicates that Joanne was on the dining room floor bleeding from a head wound, and that Ray was sitting at the kitchen table and appeared to be crying, and that Ray kept saying he "had to do it," and that Ray added that she "had to be stopped." Then it's Ray's turn, and he asks the detective whether or not he (Ray) told the detective that Joanne had tried to kill him, and that he had acted in self-defense. The detective says that claim was made much later. Oz argues with the detective a bit about whether the detective fully and correctly answered Helen's question. He then asks whether the detective found a knife at the scene; the detective indicates that they found a "nine-inch serrated carving knife on the floor." Oz draws out the fact that the victim's fingerprints were on the knife, and points out that the detective didn't mention the knife in his testimony to Helen. The detective rightly points out that she didn't ask about the knife, and looks unimpressed with Ray's rhetorical shenanigans.

Outside, there's the usual media panic. Jimmy catches up with Bobby and Lindsay in the corridor and asks how things are going. Lindsay takes off as Bobby answers that things are going fairly well. Bobby wonders if Jimmy came down to watch the trial, but Jimmy explains that he's having lunch with Roberta. That would be Judge Kittleson. Bobby gets a snarly look and leans over Jimmy to intimidate him: "Are you two back together again?" Jimmy's not sure, but Bobby gives him some static about the potential conflict for Kittleson on this case. Jimmy's incredulous, and thinks Kittleson's integrity is fairly unimpeachable. Bobby persists, but Jimmy basically tells him to butt the hell out. And not a moment too soon. Bobby just looks miffed. ["Because Mc Ego can't stand to have anyone raining on his parade." -- ragdoll]

Helen and the Runt are eating lunch together and discussing the case. Richard is worried, because Ray's doing well, but Helen's not concerned, because she thinks sooner or later Oz will blow up and show his rage in front of everyone. Helen points out that Ray will have to take the stand, and that she will keep him up there for weeks if necessary. Richard gets a goofy look on his face and stares at Helen. She wants to know why he doesn't take a picture. Richard blathers about this look she gets in her eyes, a "trial look," and tells her she's a killer. "An icy killer!" She thanks him: "That's a compliment, I take it?" Richard insists it was, saying her style is the same as his; uh, don't flatter yourself buddy. You're nowhere near the shark Helen is. As Helen slurps some pop, Richard blurts out, "I'm in love with you!" Helen does a forceful spit-take all over the desk and avoids looking at Richard as he blathers on, saying he's infatuated with her. "You're smart, you're sexy, you got that little Catholic girl thing, and in the courtroom, you are vicious. And I totally go for it, the whole package." Now it's my turn to do a forceful spit-take all over my couch. Helen has regained her composure at this point and suggests that they just concentrate on getting through the trial. She seems thoroughly uninterested in pursuing this discussion, and who can blame her?

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