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Oz (2)

Back in the courtroom, Richard is questioning the pathologist. He's gesturing to a diagram of the fatal injuries to Joanne's head, and indicates that the point of impact was right at the base of the skull. The doctor testifies that the blow came from directly behind the victim. Richard double-checks that the blow couldn't possibly have come from the side, or anywhere else but from behind Joanne; the doctor assures him that his statements are medically certain. Richard seems satisfied. Raymond starts off by trying to debunk the idea of "medical certainty," citing the example of the doctors who told his brother-in-law he had six months to live, and that that was a medical certainty. This, Ray claims, happened twelve years ago, and adds that his brother-in-law still beats him at tennis. The jury chuckles. The pathologist is not amused. Ray then outlines a hypothetical situation for the doctor's consideration: a woman comes at a man with a knife, swinging wildly but misses him. The man picks up a heavy bronze trophy in self-defense, and the woman turns to run away, but it's too late and the trophy comes down and strikes her on the back of the head. Oz tells the doctor he doesn't want him to answer in probabilities, or likelihoods, but asks him whether or not the scenario he's just described is possible, yes or no. The doctor allows that it is possible. Oz thanks him for answering one of the most important questions before the court. He goes back to his seat, but he sits down in the empty seat next to Richard at the prosecution's table. He's oblivious to it, as Richard stares and Judge Kittleson says, "Mr. Oz?" As he looks beside him and sees Richard, instead of Bobby, he asks, "Who the hell are you?" The music of Tragic and Undeniable Onset of Dementia (tm ragdoll) begins to play as Lindsay looks concerned and Bobby looks dejected.

After the commercials, Bobby and Lindsay talk about the case. Lindsay's hair is in this collegiate ponytail, where it will remain for much of the show. I know ragdoll hates it, but I'm so glad Lindsay finally got her hair cut to chin-length. ["My only wish was that the scissors missed and charged right on through her scrawny neck." -- ragdoll] Bobby's blathering about how Ray is closer to him than his own father, in many ways, and that he can't stand the idea of Ray being a spectacle. Lindsay points out that Ray's winning. Ray walks up to them at this point and they get ready to go back into the courtroom, when at that moment the elevator door opens and an elderly gentleman walks out. Ray notices him and says, "Trevor!" Trevor walks up to Ray with some trepidation and a sad look. Ray laughs wheezily and greets him warmly with a handshake and friendly claps on the back. Trevor says, "I'm so sorry." He introduces Trevor to Bobby as one of his "oldest and dearest friends." Ray thinks Trevor's come to support him, and proudly tells him how packed the courtroom is, and wonders if they can "get him in." You'd think he was talking about WWF Smackdown instead of his own murder trial. Bobby explains to Ray that Trevor is here as a witness for the prosecution. As this sinks into Ray, the Runt comes up to tell Trevor they need to get into the courtroom. As Trevor walks away, he says, "I'm sorry, Ray." Ray looks sadly confused. James Whitmore is really excellent in this role, very adept at portraying the subtle emotional and mental shifts required of a prickly-genius-losing-his-mind. ["Whitmore rocked the house as Brooks in The Shawshank Redemption also." -- Sars]

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