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Oz (2)

Bobby's in Kittleson's office, suggesting she should recuse herself. She is, naturally, quite insulted. Lying through his teeth, he claims he didn't know when the trial began that she and Jimmy were involved again and that he just found out. He cites a huge conflict of interest. Kittleson says she's never discussed the case with Jimmy. Bobby yammers on. Kittleson snipes, "And if I were to recuse myself, we would, what, bring in another judge and finish the trial?" Bobby insists a mistrial should be declared. Kittleson snarls, "What a surprise! Get out!" Bobby, taking a page from Helen's book, growls, "You're sleeping with one of my associates. We won't even discuss the wet dreams you've had about me." Kittleson's speechless as she glances quickly at Lindsay for her reaction to this; Lindsay has the good grace not to look at Kittleson. He continues, "You shouldn't be on this case!" She's still trying to decide what to say. Finally, she says calmly, "Please leave my chambers, Counsel." Damn, I was really hoping she'd rip a strip off the creep.

As they walk out, Lindsay says, "Nice try. I just hope she doesn't punish us now the rest of the way." You think that was a "nice try," Lindsay? You two scumbags deserve each other. Bobby makes a smarmy remark about how she has too much integrity to do that. They run into Helen and ask if the manslaughter deal is still available; it's not. Helen offers murder two. They're leaving it.

Bobby and Lindsay go back to Ray to talk about who should do the closing. Bobby says he could do it, but that since Ray's been trying the case, it's better if he does it. But only if Ray's up to it; if he can't do it, he should let Bobby. "No ego here: best man for the job. Is it you or me? Raymond?" Ray says he'll close. Whew. Time for some commercials.

At DYD&F, they're having a meeting. Eugene is surprised that they're letting Raymond close; Bobby says if they're going to win, he's the only one. Surprising lack of egotism on Bobby's part, if you ask me. Lucy comes in with some papers and asks if Ray's going to be naked. Um, what? Bobby dismisses her with, "Funny." I have no idea what that's all about. Ellenor asks how Helen knew about the diapers; Lindsay says Joanne's lawyer told her. Just then Jimmy storms in, loaded for bear, and asks Bobby if he tried to get Kittleson to recuse herself. Bobby tries to defend himself but Jimmy barrels on, saying Bobby knows they didn't discuss the case. Bobby pulls out his two-handed "whoa, now" gesture that drives ragdoll nuts, and claims, "It was a Hail Mary, Jimmy." Jimmy blasts, "Not good enough! You don't trade on my personal life in your cases, ever!" Bobby: "If you'll let me finish --" Jimmy: "Not good enough! I would never do that to you! Whatever our strategies, we don't offer up each other! I would never do that to you!" Bobby: "Sorry." Jimmy: "Not good enough!" Damn straight. Go, Jimmy! Jimmy storms back out. Bobby manages to look slightly sheepish.

Back in court, Helen, wearing a severe black suit, does her closing. She says the jury saw the defense's story change: first it was self-defense, then after his best friend testified to Ray's hatred and delusions, they decided to claim it was a mistake. Helen tells them they saw the truth: "An angry man capable of great rage, who prioritized his image and his reputation over anything and anybody, including his own wife." Helen reminds them of the pathologist's testimony, and that Joanne was struck from behind. "That man committed murder. That's the truth." Oz's turn: as usual, he doesn't get up right away; he doesn't even seem to register Bobby's prompting. Bobby starts to get up himself to do the closing but Ray puts his arm out to stop him. Ray gets up (wearing the scarf again) and walks toward the jury. "Talk to any old man whose mental faculties are eroding, you'll find anger. Or a senior citizen who's becoming incontinent: rage. Or an aging husband, no children, no grandchildren, only a wife to cling to, a wife who's trying to have him declared incompetent, trying to put him in diapers, and you will find, what you saw in me when I stood in that witness box. But these people do not turn homicidal. And neither did I. Now, whether it was the very incompetency she accused me of, or the paranoia, I don't know. I don't know. But I do know that in that second when she stood before me with that knife, I really believed that she was going to try to take my life. Now, anybody...anybody who knows my heart...she was my legacy. Not the cases I won! My love for her...and hers for me. She was loved...loved...'til the very end. Her husband...he didn't want her life to be over. Believe that." Everybody's moved as he walks dejectedly back to the defense table.

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