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Oz (2)

In Helen's office, we get a close-up of Richard's mug leaning over Helen's desk, bouncing a pencil annoyingly. Helen's over at the window with her back to Richard. She looks around at Richard, irritated with the pencil noise. "Can you not do that?" Richard chucks the pencil in a cup and apologizes. Richard parrots what Helen said earlier about not enjoying this too much because it's a tragedy. He says, "This is what we do. We're DAs. We prosecute murders. It's always somebody's tragedy." Helen asks for his point. Richard wonders why she does this job if she doesn't enjoy it. She says, "I like what I do, but..." Richard: "But what?" She asks him, "You really love this, don't you?" Richard says again that cases like this are "music." I wish he'd stop comparing it to that. The phone rings; the jury's back.

The jury finds Oz not guilty on either murder one or murder two. The peanut gallery murmurs loudly, as Helen and Richard look stunned. Helen mutters, "Unbelievable." Kittleson dismisses everyone as the verdict sinks into Ray slowly. Helen asks Richard if the verdict is juicy enough for him. Reporters start clamouring for Oz's attention. He pulls himself together and puts on the Great Oz act, giving them the sound bites they're all dying for: "Naturally, I'm thrilled with the verdict, and I must say that the defendant was extremely well-represented." He's asked if he plans to continue practicing law; he says, "Oh, I have to earn a living. And one thing that this case has taught me is that I'm not as wealthy as I thought I was. I've been barely able to meet my own fee!" Much good-natured chuckling as we fade to commercials.

Back at the office, Bobby tries to brood in his office alone. Lindsay barges in after him, and he asks for a second alone. In her typical pushy style, Lindsay insists that since they're going to be married, he has to take those seconds with her. All of them? Always? Forever and ever? He can never have one second alone to gather his thoughts? Good lord, man, run while you can. Bobby says he didn't want Ray to go to prison, but he's worried about him being all alone now. He starts to cry. Lindsay strokes his back and says, "You're worried about somebody you love deeply." Bobby hugs Lindsay and sniffles into her shoulder pad.

It's a beautiful autumn day. We see Raymond walking through a graveyard, looking for Joanne's tombstone. He's clutching a single red rose. He finally finds it, and stops, takes off his hat, and lays the rose on top of the stone. It reads, "Joanne Oz/beloved wife." He's getting pretty choked up, and gets on his knees with some difficulty. He wrings his hat between his hands, as he looks up to the sky, and then touches the ground above her coffin, sobbing. I bawl too as the Piano Music of Pointless Tragedy (tm ragdoll) plays.

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