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Liz Phair? The Gap? ["Oh, I know. She let Dawson's Creek use a song of hers last night. She must have a mortgage payment due." -- Sars]

The Firm. Lucy, who has given up all other career ambitions, is now dedicating her life to solving mysteries created by The Firm. Lucy "Pet Detective" hangs up the phone and says, "Bingo!" Honestly. That's what she says. And she's picked up the carpet bag Jodie Foster used in Maverick, deciding that it would look better as a suit jacket. Lucy's uncovered the fact that the DA's office has ordered forty-three DNA tests for cases that all involve the same bad cop. In Frank's case, the cop lied on the stand, and he corrupted an eyewitness. Lucy: "Basically, this rogue cop coerced people into lying!" My dear girl, I think she's got it. Lindsay walks toward her husband, the Emperor Rod, who has remained rather sedate and in the background this episode, and tells him she wants to bring a civil rights action against the state. They bicker. Then she ignores his advice and tells Rebecca to start filing the complaint for her. Bobby follows his wife to try to talk some sense into her. She holds out her hand to create an invisible force field: "Let me spend one day on it! One day." Bobby relents.

The Judge's Chambers. Ellenor spars with Alan, again. She argues that the DA is trying to coerce her client with death threats. He argues that he's entitled to put out a call for information. She argues that he called Stephen a killer on television. Judge White sort of ignores both of them as he says, "Mr. Lowe, you're starting to get a reputation." Alan seems pleased. He hopes the defense attorneys might be more inclined to plea bargain. Judge White: "No. It's not great. It is anything but great." Uh huh. Blah he hasn't stepped outside the law blah. Ellenor wants the court to put Stephen into protective custody. Alan: "That's a DA's call and I'm not asking for that!" Ellenor: "To remove the coercion I need my client safe." Alan: "Your Honour, if we're going to put every suspect in protective --" Ellenor: "How about the ones who have televised bounties on their heads?" Whew. Verbal sparring. Blah. The judge refuses to put Stephen in protective custody, because Ellenor hasn't shown him any tangible threat. Ellenor says that the first warning is often a bullet when gangs are involved. The resolute judge stands by his original decision.

Lindsay is back with Andrea, Frank's daughter. She's explaining that Andrea might also have a claim against the state. "They took your father away from you!" Andrea insists, "He's not my dad. He's my biological father. And does that help him if I sue?" Well, Lindsay just wants to have her on board as a witness. Andrea: "A witness to what?" To what he lost. Cue the sob story. Lindsay says that Andrea is all Frank has ever thought about for the last fifteen years. Andrea gets up and asks Lindsay to leave; she doesn't "need this" right now. Then Lindsay gets pushy; she "doesn't understand" why Andrea doesn't want to meet her father. The young woman makes a good point, saying that Lindsay doesn't understand the rest of her life -- why should this be any different? Her first memory? Yeah, finding her mother dead. Her early years? Spent in and out of foster homes. Now? She's just getting her life back on track. She's got a job and a boyfriend, and Lindsay is asking her to go back to a place where she just can't go. "And it's not that I don't want a father. I've wanted nothing more. But I can't do it. I can't."

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