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Lester Miller's House. Ellenor is at a loss. She explains that the situation isn't good, at all. That the police aren't even looking for anyone else. She asks Lester if Stephen committed the crime. Lester: "Obviously you think he did." Sounds to me like Ellenor believes the DA's rhetoric. The lawyer has her doubts. She wants Lester to consider a deal; Stephen is probably safer in jail. "I hate to let the DA win on this but there are other things I am more afraid of." Lester: "You're asking me to advise my son to plead guilty to a murder he didn't commit?" Sounds pretty awful to me.

The Firm. Frank is freaking out a little. Lindsay is trying to explain the civil trial to him, but he doesn't want to go to court, simply because he "didn't do anything." Rebecca calms him down by explaining that he doesn't have to go to jail this time. It's about getting the state to pay him for putting him away before, but all Frank sees is that he didn't do anything before either, and ended up in jail. "Please don't make me to go court, please!" He grabs Lindsay's hands and squeezes. Frank sits down and says, "They think I killed her, you know?" Lindsay insists that they don't -- that no one does. The only thing on Frank's mind is his daughter. He wants to find Andrea to tell her he's not guilty. Lindsay confesses. She did find Andrea. Frank's very excited. But he doesn't understand that she doesn't want to see him. Lindsay explains that her life has been very difficult, and that it's best if she doesn't see her father just yet. He's heartbroken. I'm heartbroken, for goodness' sake. I can't believe I let The Practice sucker me into feeling anything for a character on DEK's contrived show. Damn you, DEK! Frank thinks that Andrea still believes he committed the crime. Lindsay: "No! No. She doesn't think you did anything wrong." Frank: "Then why doesn't she want to come over?" Well, maybe in time, but for now, they're going to try to get Frank some restitution. "Isn't that great?" Rebecca patronizes a little. But Frank's attention is riveted on his daughter, hoping that one day, she will come over. Ah, poor Frank. Honestly -- poor, poor Frank.

The Office Of Hunk. Alan insists that he doesn't need a lecture from Helen, who in turn certainly thinks that he does. They snarl at each other a little while. She says that with the way he's behaving, his opinion really doesn't matter to her. Hers doesn't matter to him, either. So, these two are going to end up in bed together? Blah her opinion represents an office consensus, blah he's gone too far, blah younger brother blah press conference blah. Alan: "I made a promise to Brian Fletcher's mother." Helen says it's not about keeping promises. Alan: "You've never played hardball?" Helen thinks it's gone beyond hardball. Now, she wants to give him some advice. Both his integrity and the integrity of the DA's office are at stake. The door to the office opens, and Lance Miller comes in. He's the youngest of the three brothers, and now, he announces that he's the one who actually shot Brian Fletcher.

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