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Love thy father

The Suffering County Courthouse. Ellenor wants Helen to step in. Honestly, Alan's obsession with this case is truly getting out of hand. She wants Helen to report him, rein him in, call his bluff: "Even Richard Bay wouldn't have pulled this kind of crap." As Ellenor is yelling at Helen, her phone rings, and she says, "What? When?" Then she hangs up. Stephen Miller was just stabbed. He's in surgery. Yawn. Oh. The. Tragedy.

The Hospital Of Stabbing Pain. Ellenor and the Millers wait patiently to hear the fate of their family member. Oh, Hunky DA is there too. I guess he's a glutton for punishment. Lester walks over to the group and says that Stephen is going to be okay. Ellenor asks if it was a retaliation hit. No. It was one of the Bloods, the gang that Stephen used to be in. Leonard Stewart, the one who really shot Brian Fletcher, thought that Stephen was going to turn him in, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. Lester grabs both of his sons, holds them tight, and pulls them in to see their brother. This leaves Ellenor and Alan alone in the waiting room. They face one another. She says, "Feeling pretty good, Alan?" He says, "Are you? I take my cues from defense attorneys, Ellenor." Pause. "They come to me saying one of two things: my client's innocent or you've got no case." Pause. "You were telling me that I've got no case." Take no prisoners, Alan. Ouch. Poor Ellenor, now having seen an entire family arrested for a crime not a single one of them committed, she has to go home feeling guilty for how she dealt with the situation.

Frank's Place. Lindsay, Rebecca, and Frank explore his new apartment. They are putting things away, making small talk, and Frank is pretty excited. And then Andrea is standing in the doorway. She says, "Hi. Dad." He's pleased, and very happy. She asks how he is. He's good. He smiles. It's a lovely smile. He tells his daughter that she's beautiful. They make amends, sort of. It's really rather touching. She's always wanted to meet him. He's missed her so, so much. They embrace. Lindsay's smiling. Andrea's crying. Rebecca is smiling. Frank refuses to let go of his daughter. It chokes me up. A lot. Honestly, it does.

Alan's Office Of Pain. Mrs. Fletcher arrives. The police just arrested the man who killed her boy. She thanks Alan for pushing the way he did. He kept his promise. And she thanks him. And that's probably all the thanks he's going to get.

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