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Love thy father

Inside The Miller's House Of Pain. Ellenor tries to explain to Lester what happened. Their youngest brother, Lance, is standing there, watching his father and listening -- you know, that whole "little pitchers have big ears" kind of thing. As we already know, because we got to see both sides, Alan arranged the arrest so that they could legally search a part of the house. Ellenor: "He was looking for the gun." Lester: "But they arrested Terrence." Before she has a chance to respond, he continues, "Ellenor. Terrence has a scholarship. He could lose his whole education if he's busted on drugs." She understands, and she's going to try to get the charges dropped so that doesn't happen. Lester is really upset, and he is also discouraged: "They just think we're a gang family, don't they?" The Laura Ingalls Wilder of the household watches the conversation, his eyes drifting from his father to the lawyer and back again. "We're not a gang family." Pause. Insert the token repeated statement for heightened drama here: "We're not." Okay, and even if you were, Lowe should still be respecting your rights, Lester -- cling to that truth, honey, it'll set you free. Yawn. Is it time for bed yet?

Mrs. Fletcher's House. Hunky DA makes his way to the grieving mother's home to give her an update. While unfortunately they didn't find anything to connect Stephen to the murder, they did get some "leverage" on the younger brother -- meaning that they're going to manipulate him so he rats out his older brother. Very nice tactics Alan is employing this week. Mrs. Fletcher doesn't believe him: "Brothers don't talk, Mr. Lowe." Alan: "We're doing everything we can." This week's theme: coercion. Again, Mrs. Fletcher expresses her doubts: "I wish I could believe that." She forces Alan to look around the room at her other children, who are doing their homework and colouring. Blah not only have they lost an older brother, blah they've lost a father too blah. Apparently, her husband was killed in a hit-and-run accident, and they never caught the perpetrator. But what is more problematic is that the police never really tried; her family troubles are just not a priority. She's convinced the crimes have been pushed to the side because she's poor and lives in the projects. Alan has a flash of Jack Nicholson, and something stirs inside him as he stands up for the law: "I will give you my word. I will do whatever I can." Ah, of course you will, Hunky, but if the demise of Jack Nicholson is any indication, you might lose your mind on the way down.

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